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How to install Visit Aarhus APK at

Visit Aarhus app er Aarhus’ officielle turistguide til alt, hvad du har brug for at vide, når du besøger Aarhus.

Visit Aarhus is the official city guide to everything you need to know before and during your visit to Aarhus.

Du kan finde information og inspiration til oplevelser, attraktioner, aktiviteter, events, overnatning, shopping, restauranter, transport og meget mere. Du kan vælge mellem sprogversioner dansk, engelsk og tysk. Appen indeholder kortfunktion og giver forslag til rutebeskrivelser.
Du kan downloade den på forhånd eller under dit besøg i Aarhus. Appen fylder ca. 3 MB.

What to see and where to stay - find it here. You will find information and inspiration to attractions, activities, events, accommodation, shops, restaurants, transportation and much more. And you can also get information about routes and how to get around.

This app requires approx. 3 MB and is available in Danish, English and German.

How to download Cek Ongkir & Resi APK at

Cek tarif paket dan cek ongkirmu dengan aplikasi ini.
Mudah dan cepat menggunakannya. Tinggal pilih ekspedisi yang anda inginkan, kemudian cek tarif paketmu atau cek ongkir mu.
Ada beberapa ekspedisi seperti:

How to download Travel Packing List APK at

This travel packing checklist will help you organize for your travel.
the best app for luggage checklist.
you can use it everywhere we go.

- holiday list.
- planner
- adding items to the list.
- mark items you have.
- sort by items that not yet marked.
- show total number of items.
- show number of items that you need to get.
- option to delete tasks from the list.
- easy to use.
- it's free!

How to download free maps APK at

World map with search option.
map with details.
it recognize your location on map via GPS.
you can use it for works, for travel.
detailed map of Africa, United States and more with capitals and cities.
for phone and tablet.
discover new roads.

Capital Cities of Europe and more.

countries in Asia and USA


- map view.
- you can find any address on the map.
- look for streets and places.
- map GPS position marker.
- maps of countries.
- different languages.
- clear graphic.
- accurate.
- useful.
- quick and simple.
- It's free!

How to install Maps Free GPS APK at

map download.
maps GPS allows you to search for tracks, roads, streets, places.
maps directions driving.
for phone and tablet.
world map, America, United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.
You can also view the maps in changes zoom.
The map recognize your location, your way.
Effective for travel, journey, tour

GPS coordinates around the world.

Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, USA, South Africa, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Jamaica, Germany, Cambodia, Philippines, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Togo, Laos, Monaco, Macedonia,
Hawaii, Nepal, Ethiopia, Columbia, Bahrain, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Colombia,Taiwan, Ecuador.

Capital Cities of Europe, Tirane, Vienna, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Budapest, London, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, Sofia, Berlin,
Riga, Reykjavik

Maps of countries in Asia.
Kabul, Yerevan, Baku, Manama, Dhaka, Beijing, Tbilisi,New Delhi, Jakarta, Tehran, Tokyo, Amman, Astana, Ankara, Sana'a, Hanoi, Taipei...

maps of USA

Virginia, California, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, Tennessee, Mississippi, Hawaii, Montana, Indiana

For all geographic areas.


- Map view.
- Get direction.
- My location marker.
- Online maps view.
- Navigation system.
- Map orientation.
- Searching for an address.
- GPS navigation.
- Alternative routes.
- Search option.
- Updates.
- Alternative routes.
- High quality.
- Quick and simple.
- It's free!

How to download my location map gps APK at

location map GPS allows you to see your location on the map.
It show your exact place in real time.
show where are you on the screen.
display your current position.
updated and centered automatically.
for phone and tablet.


- phone current location marker.
- geographic place.
- navigation system.
- determine your position.
- notify if needed to turn on GPS.
- easy to understand
- useful tool.
- free!

How to install Horaires trains du Maroc APK at

يمكنك هذا التطبيق من الحصول على مواعيد انطلاق القطارات في جميع مدن المغرب، وكذلك أثمنة الرحلات.
يمكنك التطبيق ايضا من برمجة تنبيه قبل انطلاق القطار بوقت تحدده بنفسك.
هناك وضعان للبحث، سريع ومتقدم يمكنك من تحديد عدد الافراد المسافرين والدرجة وتاريخ الرحلة..، يحتفظ التطبيق بسجل لآخر الوجهات المبحوث عنها وذلك لتسهيل الحصول على مواعيدها دون الحاجة لادخال بحث جديد

How to download Qatar Transit - Bus, Metro, Times, Maps, Planner APK at

Doha / Qatar's first public transit App: Contains comprehensive information about public bus service including routes, stops, maps and timetables. Also it has integrated trip planner with location search functionality to help you figure out the most efficient routes to reach your destination with expected duration of travel. This application aimed at residents, citizens and visitors that includes all functionalities that may be needed when using public transport.

Please be aware that this app requires an internet connection and Location services for full functionality.

Please NOTE this is NOT official app by Mowasalat (Qatar Transport Company), however this is built using information publicly available on their websites and bus station.

Our endeavor is to promote Sustainable Urban Mobility & Accessibility through the use of Public Transport.

Feel free to share your feedback/comments/suggestions so that we can enhance the App further.

Future Plans:
- Provide real time info, Live arrival times
- Service alerts & changes that affect your trip, using crowd sourcing

How to install Nearby Mapp APK at

Nearby Mapp allows you to search for the nearest ATM, bars, restaurants, banks, gas stations, hotels, cinema and many more.

So if you’re in a non familiar place, in France on business trip, vacationing in Mexico, India, Italy or Egypt, Nearby mapp helps you find your way the easy and fast way.

How to install PNR Status & Train Enquiry APK at

Try this Amazing RailMitra app for your convenient train travel.

Seat Availability:
PNR Status : You can check your PNR Status. If your ticket in RAC/Waiting then app will inform you when it will get confirmed.
Live Train: With help of this option you can see the present location of particular train and also its further detail
Spot Your Train: You can get the Information of particular train arrival on a particular station.
Live Station: In this option you can know the arrival and departure of trains at a particular station within 2 or 4 hours.
Train Schedule:

Rail Mitra App are multilingual (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi). And also have links for order food.

Google Play store Link
ADSL Infotech

How to download 3D Geo Globe APK at

This GPS tool shows an accurate NASA longitude latitude map projected onto a 3D globe of the earth. A small pink indicator circle pinpoints your current geo-location based on received GIS GPS data or on a triangular wi-fi calculation. Save a photo for mail or for album geo tagging.

User Manual and Features:

* tap the clock to toggle GMT & UTC displayed time and hidden.

* tap Lon & Lat (Latitude or Longitude) to display the pink indicator in the center. Tap again to switch conversion from Decimal Degree to DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds).
Note: choosing this mode while flying transcontinental will show the earth rotating under the indicator.

* swipe to the east & west for a spinning globe, tap the globe to hold the current rotation.

* tap Alt (altitude) to switch from meter to feet (see feet ' character) or hidden. Same behavior for tapping though vAc (vertical accuracy) and hAc (horizontal accuracy) combined.

* tap on m/s (meter per second) speed will switch to kmh (kilometer per hour) and tap again to fps (feet per second) and to mph (miles per hour) and kn (nautical knots) and to blank

* The 'map it' button takes you to the respective google map in your browser or Maps app

* All of your settings will be saved automatically

Tip: The blank (hidden) options can be used for manipulation of the captured photos. Which info would you like to reveal?

Tap on the miniature © in the corner to find out about the author ... tap again to hide. All other buttons are suspended during this display.

The ©, 'map it' and 'photo' and switch background color button will not be captured by the photo option.
After clicking 'photo' you'll get a 'saved' or 'error' prompt, click again to activate the photo option anew.

Turn on GPS for best results!

Adobe AIR android 2.2 up

How to install 格安レンタカー検索予約 skyticketレンタカー APK at




<< 全国の格安レンタカー一括検索&予約サイト「skyticket レンタカー」のアプリ版 >>






株式会社アドベンチャー/格安レンタカー一括検索・予約サイト「skyticket レンタカー」

How to install AHA Taxis APK at

AHA Taxis is an outstation taxi booking app for affordable and reliable rides for outstation travel. Do not worry about trains being waitlisted or bus being crowded. With AHA Taxis, you can just book outstation cabs online via mobile application, website and travel in comfort to your destination.

Whether you want to do a one-way trip or round trip, there is an AHA Taxi for your every outstation travel requirement. AHA Taxi is available in more than 4000 cities all across India-download AHA Taxi app and plan your next trip with AHA Taxis.

The best part to book an AHA Taxi is that you pay only one-way fare for your oneway trip.

Booking a AHA Taxi online is easy-here’s how it works:

1. Just open the AHA Taxi app or website and tell us whether you want a one-way cab or round trip cab
2. Just indicate pickup city, destination city and the date(s) you want to travel.
3. Choose among economy, comfort or premium options for cabs.
4. Tell us details like your name, E-mail ID, mobile no., pickup time, pickup address and drop address.
5. Payment can be made by debit or credit card, net banking, Paytm, PayU, Mobikwik and PayPal. You can opt for full fare payment or book with initial advance payment of ₹ 499. Use coupon or AHA Coins to get discount on your booking. You get 1000 AHA Coins on 1st trip.
6. Sit back and relax while our driver pick you up on your travel day and take you to your destination.
7. After your ride, you will receive invoice by mail plus AHA Coins in your AHA Taxi account.

Need a cab for a group upto 4 members at an economical rate? Take AHA Economy, our most affordable cab option with alternatives of Ritz / Indica / WagonR or similar.

Want to go for more comfort on your trip? Book AHA Comfort taxi with enough boot space to carry luggage. With AHA Comfort option, you can take Etios / Dzire / Xcent or similar.

Want a taxi for a gang upto 7 members? Take a cab with higher capacity with AHA Premium where you can choose Innova / Xylo / Ertiga or Similar.

AHA Taxis helps you save cost on trips. You can save upto 50% on your outstation taxi fare.

Not only this, you get freedom of choice and control during travel. Along the way, you can enjoy with your family, take short break, savor the delicacies on the highway or just relax while you get driven in style and comfort.

So next time you call a cab for outstation travel, remember AHA Taxis.

Have a happy journey.

Have a question? Write us at [email protected]
Follow us on Twitter at
Like us on Facebook at

How to install AIA Locator APK at

Easily find nearby AIA panel clinics, hospitals & workshops with AIA Locator app. Get contact details, operating hours, room rates and more. When you've decided where to go, AIA Locator helps you navigate by integrating with your favourite navigation apps. Only applicable for Malaysia.

- Locate nearby clinics, hospitals or car workshops with List Mode or Map Mode
- View address, contact details, operating hours, room rates and more
- Set your position manually to find panel locations in other states
- Search by name, state or address to find specific locations
- Integrated with Waze App and Google Maps App for turn-by-turn navigation

* AIA Locator is not appropriate for use in the event of medical emergency. Please seek professional assistance in an emergency situation.*

Please note: For optimal experience, updates should be done on a fast WIFI connection. Location data are used solely for filtering panel locations.

Privacy Statement :
Terms of Use :

How to install Flight Pass APK at

Welcome to the easiest way to book using a Flight Pass.

Please note: You will need to have an active Flight Pass account to use this app.

Wondering what a Flight Pass is? A Flight Pass is a prepaid package of one-way flight credits used for travel. Learn more about Flight Passes here:

- Complete a booking in as little as 6 taps of your thumb, with the Flight Pass App’s friendly one-handed design.
- Tell us where you’re going, and the Flight Pass App will suggest which one of your passes to use. We took the guesswork out of it, so you can get where you need to go.
- Find the perfect flight by quickly sorting through available flights by duration, and time of day.

- Book on the website? All of your bookings, just as you’d expect, now appear in the Flight Pass app. Easily see where you’ve been, and where you’re going next.

- Change or cancel your bookings with ease, directly from the Booking Details screen.

- Choose seats for yourself, and others on your booking, directly in the Flight Pass app. Find a better spot? Change your seat at any time, just as easily!
- Flight Pass app exclusive: Preview available seats before you book, so that you can scope out the perfect seat.

- Travelling on a Flight Pass that offers complimentary upgrade? Request your upgrade directly in the Flight Pass App (lucky you!)

- Use your saved credit cards from Air Canada mobile+ for quick, and secure payment transactions.

These functions apply when enabled:
- Location: your location data is used to show the closest airport for booking.

By pressing the “Install” button or by downloading the app, or setting up your device to do so automatically, you consent to the installation of the app, its future updates and upgrades and to the app Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) that govern the use of the app that are available here: You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the app. For help uninstalling the app, please contact us at [email protected]

By downloading or updating this app, you understand that Air Canada may: collect data about your device in order to serve you the correct software, as well as maintain and develop its services; require that you change some of your device settings to use specific features; collect personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy. For more information, please see

Air Canada, PO Box 64239, RPO Thorncliffe, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J7 [email protected]

How to install YouJoon APK at

Youjoon is the 100% free on-board streaming app on your personal device. It is a large portfolio of entertainment in the air. On board, you will be able to access the Joon Connection Portal directly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Download the YouJoon app and during your flight activate airplane mode and then wifi.
You are ready for a #marathonstreaming.
Remember to recharge your personal device before leaving (especially laptop). A USB plug is available on each seat to get power for your smartphone or tablet.

How to download RadarBox24 Elite Plane Tracker APK at

Turn your Phone into an Airplane Radar displaying real-time flights around the world.
Radar-Box24 Elite has been developed by Aviation Professionals including Airline Pilots.

* * * * * says→ "FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY FOR RADAR-BOX24! The best app for flight tracking, period. Amazing real-time flight status data all within a well designed app. Highly Recommended!"

Radar-Box24 Elite has been developed by Aviation Professionals including Airline Pilots. Data comes in real-time from the Aircraft Transponder to your phone using a network of thousands of AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receivers deployed in over 100 countries.

Radar-Box24 | Elite Airplane Radar Tracker Features:

* Flight data directly from the aircraft transponder to your phone- Track Flights in Real-Time!
* Designed by Professional Airline Pilots
* SkyView: plane finder feature- simply point your phone to the sky to identify a flight
* Continuous network growth thanks to new Radar-Box receivers being deployed daily all over the world
* Full search functionality: search for a flight, city or airport
* Radar position estimates over remote oceanic areas
* Possibility of saving your favorite locations
* Aircraft photos
* Real-time departure/arrival ticker
* Nearby flights
* Detailed data source information
* Live Flight Status
* Track Airline Flights in real-time today!

How does Radar-Box24 | Elite Airplane Radar Tracker work?
Every Radar-Box receiver is designed to share real-time flight data to AirNav Systems servers. Data comes from thousands receivers located all over the world and is processed on AirNav Systems central servers at an amazing rate of over 20 million messages per day. This data is then used in several aviation solutions (airlines, airports and airspace companies), but also aviation enthusiasts. Radar-Box24 allows you to access this data in web browsers and mobile solutions/apps.

Data comes in real-time from Radar-Box and other mode-s receivers from all over the world.
US data data comes not only from ADS-B receivers but also from a direct link to FAA radar stations.
90% of Europe is covered in addition to hundreds of locations in other continents.

You can add coverage in your area. Please check

Be in contact with RadarBox24.
Email: [email protected]

More on AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receivers:

* * * * Get Radar-Box24 Elite and track flights in real-time today for FREE! * * * *

How to install RadarBox24 Free Flight Tracker APK at

Turn your Phone into a Flight Radar Tracker displaying real-time flights around the world. Discover today why countless people are already using Radar-Box24!

Radar-Box24 has been developed by Aviation Professionals including Airline Pilots. Data comes in real-time from the Aircraft Transponder to your phone using a network of thousands of AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receivers deployed in over 100 countries.

* * * * * says→ "FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY FOR RADAR-BOX24! The best app for flight tracking, period. Amazing real-time flight status data all within a well designed app. Highly Recommended!"

Radar-Box24 | Free Flight Status Tracker Features:

* Flight data directly from the aircraft transponder to your phone- Track Flights in Real-Time!
* Designed by Professional Airline Pilots
* SkyView: plane finder feature- simply point your phone to the sky to identify a flight
* Continuous network growth thanks to new Radar-Box receivers being deployed daily all over the world
* Full search functionality: search for a flight, city or airport
* Radar position estimates over remote oceanic areas
* Possibility of saving your favorite locations
* Aircraft photos
* Real-time departure/arrival ticker
* Nearby flights
* Detailed data source information
* Live Flight Status
* Track Airline Flights in real-time today!

How does Radar-Box24 | Free Flight Status Tracker work?
Every Radar-Box receiver is designed to share real-time flight data to AirNav Systems servers. Data comes from thousands receivers located all over the world and is processed on AirNav Systems central servers at an amazing rate of over 20 million messages per day. This data is then used in several aviation solutions (airlines, airports and airspace companies), but also aviation enthusiasts. Radar-Box24 allows you to access this data in web browsers and mobile solutions/apps.

Data comes in real-time from Radar-Box and other mode-s receivers from all over the world.
US data data comes not only from ADS-B receivers but also from a direct link to FAA radar stations.
90% of Europe is covered in addition to hundreds of locations in other continents.

You can add coverage in your area. Please check

Application is free for active RadarBox24 Worldwide ADS-B network data sharers. For non data sharing users, the subscription price is $2.99USD/month and the subscription automatically renews each month indefinitely. You can cancel your monthly subscription renewal at any time (see for details). Your subscription will grant you Elite access to on all available platforms.

Be in contact with RadarBox24.
Email: [email protected]

More on AirNav RadarBox ADS-B receivers:

* * * * Get Radar-Box24 and track flights in real-time today for FREE! * * * *

How to download Airtel Directory, Uganda APK at

Airtel Directory Uganda is an app that has the most complete database and we are always keeping it up to date daily. The best source for listings in Kampala or Jinja, Entebbe and also Mukono. If you are looking for a business listing or an institution or organisation then be sure to find it on Airtel Directory Uganda. We know you want the most accurate information so our team is made up of individuals passionate about data. So we work all year round finding new businesses and updating our current listing information. If you ar looking for a Hospital, or clinic then you are in the right place. If you are looking for a place to stay or a place to eat then Airtel Directory is your perfect companion. For those looking for jobs in organisations in Uganda you can find employment bureaus or businesses and call them for job opportunities. Download this app now and start using it FREE of charge.

How to install Thai Train Time APK at

สะดวกยิ่งขึ้นกับการเดินทางด้วยรถไฟที่สามารถตรวจสอบเวลาเดินทางรถไฟได้ง่ายๆผ่าน Thai Train Time

• เลือกแสดงเวลาเดินทางรถไฟจากสถานีต้นทางและปลายทาง
• เลือกแสดงเวลาเดินทางรถไฟจากตารางเวลาเดินทางแบบดั้งเดิม
• บันทึกเส้นทางประจำ เพื่อให้เรียกดูได้ง่ายขึ้น
• ตั้งนาฬิกาปลุกเพื่อเตือนการเดินทาง
• ข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับรถไฟแต่ละขบวน (เร็วๆนี้)
• แผนที่แสดงเส้นทางรถไฟ (เร็วๆนี้)

How to download ST Bus Tracker APK at

Oh snap, the bus driver is late again!
Where is the bus right now?
Often come across these situations while waiting for the school bus or college bus?
Don`t worry!
ST Bus Tracker allows school administrations, parents or students and drivers to keep track of each other`s activities!
Are you the school administration, a parent or a student or a bus driver simply sign up and stop worrying.

The application offers three different types of accounts allowing with different facilities:

1. School Account:
• Create new bus routes
• View, edit or delete existing routes
• Monitor bus routes in real time
• View the bus location, speed and estimated time of arrival
• Get details of all the drivers
• Place a call to the driver if he is late or over speeding
• Edit bus timings for the school

2. Parent Account: (or Student)
• View existing routes
• Subscribe to a bus stop via a bus route to receive notifications when the bus starts it journey, is about to reach your stop and reaches back school (requires an internet connection)
• Monitor the subscribed bus route in real time
• View the bus` estimated time of arrival
• Get details of all the bus driver
• Place a call to the driver if he is late
• View bus timings for the school

2. Driver Account:
• View existing routes
• Select a bus route to drive on and start your journey
• Automatically update real time location of the bus along the journey for school administration and parents (via your device)
• View bus timings for the school

Check out the demo video to get a full tour of our application or use the demo account credentials within the application to get a hands on experience!
Video Demo:

Access Codes are required to create new accounts and this application is meant for demonstration purposes to spread the idea behind the application.

Want a similar application for your organisation?
Contact us through our app!

How to download Birrifici Italiani APK at

Hai voglia di una Birra ?
Perchè accontentarsi della solita birra commerciale del bar quando magari ti trovi nelle vicinanze di un birrificio dove gustare ottima birra artigianale?

Con l'app gratuita "Birrifici Italiani" puoi geolocalizzare i Microbirrifici e i Brewpub (NO Beerfirm) e con un semplice click potrai farti guidare dal tuo navigatore!

Il database è in continuo aggiornamento!


* Trova i Microbirrifici e i Brewpup vicino a te
* Trova i locali in un punto specifico del territorio italiano (long click sulla mappa)
* Ricerca per nome
* Ricerca per regione e/o provincia
* Definisci il raggio di ricerca
* Collegamento alle pagine Facebook e Twitter dei birrifici
* Collegamento a StreetView per una migliore visione della zona
* Contatta telefonicamente o via mail il locale con un click
* Condividi i tuoi locali preferiti
* Valuta e commenta i locali
* Segnala nuovi microbirrifici o brewpub

Grazie a Davide del sito che ha reso possibile la realizzazione di questa utilissima (almeno per me! ;) ) app !

******************* IMPORTANTE ************
Invito tutti (utenti e proprietari di birrifici) a scrivermi in caso di problemi e/o segnalazioni!

Cheers! :)

How to download Azimuth Counter APK at

Simple navigation application that allows to count distance and bearings from point A to point B. You can use your location or any point on map as A or B points. Also you can simply write coordinates.

How to install Gps Camera Photo with Location 2018 APK at

This application focuses on the location sharing of the picture we capture on our phone. This application consists of gps camera location that means whenever you capture photo with our gps camera app it will automatically tell you the location of that picture. Also keeping in mind that we can share the location of the picture. Share gps camera location and also the photo location of the picture. Gps camera photo location, camera location picture and camera picture location app. Share location app. Share photo location app with the best and amazing app having many features like share photo location , voice gps, speedometer, maps, nearby places. All these features are absolutely for free and the best features all of them are for free. So This application Is that the gps location of the photo has been told by them in contrary to that we have some features like gps that talks , the gps with the speedometer and also maps gps and also the voice gps location with specific features like nearby places and famous places with voice gps , speedometer and more things.
Voice Gps: Gps Camera Photo with Location 2018 Gps that talks with the voice of the user and tells the direction, its very useful while driving it helps you to navigate through the systems as voice gps is very accurate type gps voice navigation that tells the right directions and navigations through the system easily and very safely . The gps that talks which is very use full as it gives us the right directions while driving directions and all. The best way to recognize and see the directions on the road map. Voice gps for car direction, voice gps for driving directions, gps with voice, download voice gps, free voice navigation system, voice gps directions and navigation with driving directions. Voice gps free download voice gps , geo navigation system with voice gps navigation and system. Maps navigation system: Gps Camera Photo with Location 2018 We offer the best maps navigation system for you as it gives the best and most accurate routes and maps for the routing on the roads and navigation. Offline maps are available for the
Users that are useful for gps route finder, you can use it as a gps route finder, like a gps navigation system through mobile. Portable maps navigation system. The maps and navigation system are very easy and simple to understand as it can easily show you the directions and navigation for the people. Gps navigation system of mobile phones, gps route finder system, gps route finder for the walking people, gps route finder for driving.
Speedometer: A digital speedometer with the free checking my speed of cars with interesting features and simple speedometer a dashboard speedometer telling speed of car. Gps Camera Photo with Location 2018 is a Speedometer for car, speedometer for bike a portable speedometer, and actually the best speedometer for portable cars and speedometer head display dashboard speedometer speedo meter gps navigation head display speedo from which we can have with the digital speedometer a best speedometer 2018 and a best speed and speedometer for car and analogue speedometer with an needle speedometer of cars with the most digital speedometer for the car and also the best route finding directions and simple mobile speedometer new speedometer an accurate speedometer with an huge ive satellite views and gps route finder with more satellite world maps view and directions to check speed.

Nearby Places: Nearby Places are quite useful in gps camera share location as you can see the your nearby city centers, bras, clubs, mosques, and many more like police stations, gas pumps and many more.
This app is not violating any policy or using any personal information of any kind and if there is any problem or anything that is not within the fair users google policy then please contact us at [email protected] or see our privacy policy at

How to download Vinka All Mp3 Songs APK at

Tour East African Countries

Book for a safari

Uganda Safari Gorilla Trekking & African Safari Tours.
We at Karumuna Safaris would love to show you our beautiful country. On your Uganda safari with us you can see mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants,an abundance of birds and much more. Go trekking in the jungle, search for big game on the savanna, spot hippos by the shores, climb mountains, chimps and gorilla trekking and discover the culture or relax in breathtaking nature. At Karumuna Safaris our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience to look back at for the rest of your life. We plan a safari to your wishes and have knowledgeable guides who will do their very best to show you Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

How to install ANA MILEAGE CLUB APK at

A dedicated ANA Mileage Club app is on its way.

◆Use your ANA Mileage Club Digital Membership Card on your smartphone for various services such as mileage accumulation, just like a regular plastic card.

◆Check how many miles, premium points or ANA SKY COIN you have earned through easy-to-understand numbers and graphs.

◆With the ANA Mileage Club App, you can now also shop online and make restaurant reservations easily.

What’s more, you can not only rack up miles in various places, such as shopping online and making appointments for the hairdresser, but also earn points for shops’ own points programs at the same time.

◆Life & Mile, a navigation system containing valuable information on the ANA Mileage Club that you may have not known, is also available through the app.

- For customers having problems with the app due to bugs or other defects-
Please go to the following link and fill out the survey to provide us with details of the problems:
This survey is intended to collect feedback from customers regarding specific problems that they want fixed.

How to download Live Train Status, PNR Status, Indian Rail Info APK at

Live Train Status, PNR Status, Indian Rail Info

Live Train Status, PNR Status, Indian Rail Info is the Fastest and simplest app to find every necessary information about Indian Railways with cool interface. This application is ultra fast and comes with many features like PNR status, Train schedule, Fare details, Train running live status, seat availability, trains between stations etc.

This is the best app for your Indian Railway and IRCTC enquiry needs with with fast IRCTC PNR Status. Indian Rail Train PNR & Running Status, IRCTC Info With Indian Railway. Get your answers to all rail enquiries and information on Indian Railways with just a few clicks. With it you can indian railways train enquiry & get live train schedule.

Indian Rail Info is your one stop app for all your Indian Railway and IRCTC enquiry needs with the most elegant, thoughtful and easy-to-use UI. It boasts with fast IRCTC PNR Status checking, that’s a lot easier and quicker than Indian Railways site. This app is loaded with much more features than any other railway enquiry app in the store.

Easily Check the PNR Status of your Tickets and Live Train Status!

◈ Feature :-

Live Train Status - Get Live Train Status for any train

Train Time Table - Check Arrival & Departure Timings for your frequent used Trains

PNR Status - Stay updated with PNR Status changes and Chart Preparation Status

Seats Availability - Easily Check Seat Availability for your Train

Fare Enquiry - Know Fare for various categories

Find Trains between Stations - Find Trains between any stations

Platform Number - Find Platform of your train without waiting to enter station

Station Status - Get complete information about upcoming Railway station or any Station

How to download GSRTC Bus APK at

GSRTC Bus app is one stop shop for the people of Gujarat who use the GSRTC(Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation) buses for travelling.This app is android application that used for find the buses and contains all Gujarat city bus stand Number.

Now, get the bus timetable, fares, Phone Number and other information regarding GSRTC using this app.

With this application you can check all the available buses from your start to your end destinations. You can check the route details of a particular bus.You can also check the fare details of the bus running from start destination to your end destination.It has very simple user interface with animation.

So, Download the app to get connect with GSRTC.

★ Key Features :-

- It shows Bus Routes with km details
- It shows Ticket Fare
- One click data about buses
- Detail view of Bus station time table
- User can know which stations coming next to current bus station
- Clean and Efficient User Interface
- It contain all Gujarat st bus inquiry phone no
- Do not take up much space

-------------------------------------------Happy Journey !-----------------------------------------------
-> For any feedback or suggestions, you can write to us from app feedback form.

How to download AllRide Carpool (compartir auto) APK at

¿Viajas en auto al trabajo o estudio en el día a día? ¿Tienes un viaje de larga distancia? ¿Necesitas transporte para cualquiera de los casos anteriores?

Ahorra dinero y viaja más entretenido compartiendo viajes con personas que hacen rutas similares con AllRide Carpool.

Invita a tus amigos o busca entre las miles de rutas de carpool publicadas por los usuarios de nuestra comunidad. La integración con Facebook te permite ver fácilmente si tienes amigos en común con la otra persona o ver su perfil para que decidas si quieres compartir con ella. ¡Tú decides con quién viajar!

AllRide funciona para todo tipo de viajes. No importa si es tu salida fuera de la ciudad el fin de semana o tu viaje diario al trabajo o estudio, siempre puedes hacerlo más entretenido y económico con AllRide Carpool. ¡Qué tengas buen viaje!

7 razones que hacen de AllRide Carpool la mejor aplicación para compartir tus viajes:

> Sirve para cualquier tipo de viaje: frecuentes (al trabajo, a la universidad, etc) u ocasionales (a la playa, al campo, etc)

> Modelo único de carpool flexible: sin exceso de compromiso ni para conductores ni para pasajeros.

> Te da más opciones: puedes seguir todas las rutas que te interesan y decidir cuándo y en cuál quieres viajar.

> Una vez iniciado el viaje puedes ver en tiempo real dónde viene el conductor o dónde están los demás pasajeros para facilitar el encuentro y la puntualidad.

> Puedes ver fácilmente en la App si tienes amigos en común con otro usuario o ver su perfil de Facebook para decidir si te da confianza compartir ese viaje con esa persona.

> Privacidad: puedes decidir quiénes pueden encontrar tus rutas (público o solo quienes tengan el link directo).

> Puedes enviar las rutas que publicaste en AllRide a través de Whatsapp, Facebook o mail para invitar fácilmente a tus amigos a sumarse.

Sigue AllRide Carpool en redes sociales y compártelo con tus amigos para seguir creciendo esta comunidad!

Sitio Web:

How to download Good Hands Rescue APK at

The Good Hands Rescue℠ app knows where you are, even if you don’t. Welcome to the next generation of roadside assistance, available to everyone! With a built-in location tracker, service vehicle updates & family alert notifications.

What could be better? Try no membership fees or obligations. Only pay when you use it. You won’t be charged until your rescue is complete. Simple and safe.

You don’t have to be an Allstate customer to use the Good Hands Rescue service. All you need is this smart little app and you’ll have it all under control when you’re out on the road, 24/7.

Download the app and it will:

Track Your Location (or enter address yourself)
Suggest Vehicle Drop-Off Locations
Find Nearest Allstate Selected Service Providers - with shortest estimated arrival times
Show Service Provider Info – company name, phone & technician name
Give Status Updates – shows your technician’s whereabouts on map
Alert Your Family – service sends your family or friends an email on your situation
Provide Live Customer Service Backup – 24/7 in case you need additional help with your request

The Good Hands Rescue service also goes the extra mile with:

• Tire Changes
• Jumpstarts
• Fuel Delivery
• Lock Outs

All from the one company millions of Americans trust to provide Good Hands® protection every single day.

Data fees may apply when downloading the app.

How to install SL Blue Theme APK at

A new theme for Smart Launcher
-Beautiful HD icons
-Great Wallpaper
-Custom widget analog clock built into the theme (see first screenshot)

This theme will decorate your phone for a long time will make you happy

To apply widget:
Click and hold on the Home screen, the upper part of the screen-> Replace-> Widget-> will choose Easy Clock Widget.

Subscribe to my page in Google+, so always the first to learn about a new topic

-After installation, click to open
Apply a theme:
Open Smart Launcher-> Press Menu-> Themes-> Choose the theme you want

How to install Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo APK at

With our free app, users can navigate their way around the grounds, find the next real-time event or plan an entire day at the Show. We consider this to be our own interactive guide to our legendary event - featuring GPS functionality, parking maps, a daily schedule of events and many other functions. For more information about the Show visit or contact us at 817-877-2400. Don't miss the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. This thing is legendary!

How to download My Car - Fuel log APK at

My Car - Fuel log / Tracker is the professional tool for tracking gas mileage, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and all costs of your car, you won't miss one thing to know your vehicle. Everything about your car is managed in a nice-looking and very easy to use interface.

My Car - Fuel log / Tracker every fill-ups gas for mileage, cost, location and more details, so it is easy to calculate your fuel and gas consumption and economy, like MPG, L/100km, and etc.

My Car - Fuel log / Tracker also can track every expenses about your car, such as parking fee, car wash, highway cost, insurance, penalty, and maintenance cost, and you can check the pie chart for each expenses, and the bar chart for gas for fuel expenses trends easily.

Don't miss the My Car - Fuel log reminder functions, it will reminds you for every maintenance service, update your insurance, or registration and etc.

According to your record, My Car - Fuel log can give the detail cost pie chart for all your cost, divided in fuel, gas, service, and other expense.Even more, My Car - Fuel log give you more chart about MPG, volume, and specific statistic of distance, fuel economy, and gas cost.

My Car(Fuel Log) supports multiple cars in the same time, it supports and converts Kilometer /Miles, Liters/Gallons(US)/Gallons(UK), mpg/l/100km defined individually per vehicle, and you can customize the payment types, expense types, service types and etc.

The stored fill-ups gas and costs can be saved as a backup on your SD card and email. If you want to restore a previous backup, you can import the data from SD card or email.


• Track multiple vehicles

• Track gas mileage and fill-up

• Track vehicle maintenance

• Charts: Cost,MPG, Volume

• Bar chart and pie chart for different costs

• Statistics for distance, fuel record and cost

• Customizable service reminders

• Store vehicle data: VIN, License Plate, etc.

• Backup & restore data

• International Units: MPG (US), MPG (Canada), MPG (UK), MPG (Imperial), L/100km, gal/100mi (US), gal/100mi (Imperial), km/L, km/gal (US), km/gal (Imperial), and mi/L

How to download Learn Marathi Quickly Free APK at

Proudly rated as one of the best apps to learn Marathi language!

Learn Marathi Quickly is one of the easiest and fastest way to learn Marathi effectively. This language learning app will not only help you learn Marathi grammar, but also will enable you to learn and speak Marathi quickly. It has great content and is very easy to use. It is the best answer to questions on how to learn Marathi fluently.

Learn Marathi Quickly can also work as a travel app when you visit Maharashtra. It can be your own travel guide with the most frequently used phrases and words on tour to India.

Still wondering how to learn Marathi language? Wait no more! Learn Marathi through English with our free language translator app. Learn to speak Marathi today!

The app turns learning into a fun-filled experience. Learn using quizzes, flash cards and by recording your own phrases. You will be able to learn to speak Marathi easily and fast at home, while being entertained at the same time. Not only that you’ll learn to speak Marathi, but you will learn spoken/conversational Marathi as well!

If you are determined to learn a specific category of words, Learn Marathi Quickly will enable you that. It provides Marathi translation for most frequently used words and phrases across 33 categories. You can use it like an English to Marathi dictionary for 1100+ Marathi words and useful phrases in Marathi. It’s indeed a great handy tool that will get you talking conversational language fast.

The useful phrases in Marathi are divided across 33 categories - Body, Time, Calendar, Colours, Directions, Health, Emergency, Feelings, Food, Grocery, Friendship, Romance, Fruits, General, Greetings/Introductions, Conversation, Household, Relations, Language, Expressions, Numbers, Shopping, Spices, Travel, Driving, Accommodation, Weather, Vegetables, Work/Office, Kitchen, Animals, Sports and Study.

Build knowledge from scratch or refresh your Marathi grammar. The app easily enables you to improve your Marathi vocabulary and pronunciation, remember new words using Marathi Flashcards, learn the alphabet in Marathi or test your Marathi language knowledge with our fun Marathi quiz. Used as an English to Marathi dictionary or an English to Marathi learning app, "Learn Marathi Quickly" has several handy features that helps you with effective language learning.


- Carefully translated list of 1100+ most frequently used Marathi phrases and words will make sure that you learn spoken Marathi in the most effective way possible
- High quality text as well as audio of Marathi translation by native Marathi speakers in a crisp and clear voice will help with your pronunciation and intonation - A good aid for spoken Marathi
- Tag your favorite phrases for quick reference and study Marathi on the go
- Powerful search that allows users to search within a vocab category as well as across all vocabulary categories
- Study Marathi starting with the ABC - learn the basics with the alphabet in Marathi
- A fun quiz that is an effective Marathi language learning aid
- Marathi Flash Cards to improve Marathi vocabulary
If you wish to learn and speak Marathi for free, then look no more. This learn Marathi app is a quick and handy travel app for beginners and for serious language learners alike.
Proudly rated as one of the best learn Marathi app!

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions at [email protected] or follow us on social media
What are you waiting for? Still wondering how to learn Marathi language through English? Learn to speak Marathi today with our free language translator app – “Learn Marathi Quickly”

How to download Amadeus e-Travel Management APK at

Amadeus e-Travel Management allows you to plan, book and purchase air, rail and hotel trips following your corporation’s policies.

The app needs an Assignment Tag to work, which links the app to your existing e-Travel Management profile. Please liaise with your travel administrator to know if this app is already available for you and receive the guidelines to login.

Amadeus e-Travel Management is an online self-booking tool that serves every aspect of corporations’ travel needs through a single entry point.
For further information on Amadeus e-Travel Management, please visit

Amadeus is a leading transaction processor and provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel and tourism industry.

To find out more about Amadeus please visit

How to download Travel Seeker APK at

Travel Seeker from Amadeus lets you compare flight options across airlines, dates, and alternate airports or cities.

- Access a powerful, state-of-the art low fare search engine
- Choose nearby alternate airports using mapping functionality
- Trigger searches by voice recognition
- Filter requests by trip length, stops and take-off or landing time
- Search and shop one-way or round-trip domestic and international fares
- Filter results by price, airline or airport
- Access location-based departure and arrival airport selection and previous airport selections
- Choose the best fare and date with a personal calendar/fare matrix (+/- 3 days)
- Email travel plans to your inbox
- Promote booking through your preferred travel agency

Travel Seeker is a mobile app that uses Amadeus Master Pricer fare engine to deliver the best fares directly to your Android device.

How to install Amadeus Mobile Messenger APK at

Amadeus Mobile Messenger is an application provided by Amadeus IT Group SA. It can be used by travelers whose travel manager or travel agent is using Amadeus Mobile Messenger on their desktop.

A traveler can use the application to receive messages from a travel manager and send messages to a travel manager who is using the desktop application of Amadeus Mobile Messenger. Messages from the travel manager are sent via push notifications.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger has been created to let travel managers assist travelers before and during their trips particularly in disruptive situations or in risky areas.

A travel manager can also request the GPS position from a traveler. If the traveler agrees the geocodes of his location are sent back to the travel manager.

Before a traveler can start using the application he needs to register with the Mobile Messenger server. The server needs the mobile phone number and the email of the traveler that is matching the ones used by his travel agent to perform bookings. That way Mobile Messenger is able to link bookings to travelers using the Mobile Messenger application.

How to install AWS Summit 2018 Official App APK at

AWS Global Summits are free events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Summits are held in major cities around the world, and attract technologists from all industries and skill levels who want to discover how AWS can help them innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale.

When attending an AWS Summit, you will hear from AWS Leaders, Experts, Partners, and Customers. Learn by attending technical breakout sessions, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, labs, and team challenges. Network with AWS Partners and your peers in our Partner and Solutions Expo.

With this Mobile App, the AWS Summit attendees can access their personal schedules, conference agenda, sponsor/exhibitor profiles, session information, social media and much more. Make the most of your AWS Summit experience! Be informed, stay connected at the AWS Summits 2018.

For more information visit

How to install GPS Navigation + Compass APK at

GPS Navigation + Compass is an application that allows you to navigate your destinations and track your locations according to directions on Google maps.
This app is combination of Google maps and a compass to show you your directions to North, South, East and West.
By this GPS based application you will see your current location by a pin on map, to move to your targets what you can do is set your direction to North according to your compass and find out which way to move to reach your destination on map easily.
From now on you will find all your directions, you’ll not get lost and you will use your time efficiently to reach your targets by GPS Navigation + Compass.
Example: I have a destination in my mind and i would like to move to it directly, i have the internet , my GPS is on and i can see my current location on map, what i can do is turn my face to North direction which compass is showing to me, if my target is on the right side of my current location on the map i’ll walk alongside the East direction of the compass, if my target is at the bottom of my current location on the map i should turn and walk alongside of the South direction of compass, if it’s on left of current location i’ll walk through West direction, if it’s on top of current location i’ll walk through North, this solution is same for other directions as well.
Make sure your device has sensor for compass otherwise you can use GPS Navigation without compass.
This application has wide range of screen support and can be installed on the SD Card.
Main features:
★Free, easy to use and user friendly.
★Compass works offline.
★You’ll use your time efficiently to reach your targets.
★By GPS Navigation + Compass you’ll discover your current location.
★Combination of Google maps and compass in order to find your destinations.
★Find out your directions to North, South, East and West by the compass provided.
★This application can be installed on the SD Card.
Please help us to develop better applications by making review on GPS Navigation + Compass.

★★★★ Contact us ★★★★
You can visit our website at and find us on facebook at
We would like to hear from you.

How to install Country Codes - International APK at

Country codes - international is an application with google maps feature for dial codes of countries, areas and cities, mobile phone operator codes, emergency phone codes such as police, ambulance and fire from all countries around the world.
Country codes - international is integrated with google maps that allows you to view the phone codes of countries by clicking on marker points.
From now on you can find out the country, city and area of incoming calls and missed calls by a simple search on Country codes - international.
In this application we provided categories for populations, GDP per capita, area, time zones, capitals and domain name extensions according to countries.
By this application you can have convenient travels because you will have all necessary phone codes for all countries.
This application has wide range of screen support and can be installed on the SD Card.
Country Codes - International has an online mode button which you'll be able to see call rates for our suggested voip calling networks, weather around the world and exchange rates for all currencies from online sources by a click.
Main features:
★Search on map and view the codes by clicking on marker points.
★Search for more than 9000 area and city dialing codes of all countries.
★With Country codes - international you can search for over 500 mobile phone operator codes in different countries.
★Search for time zone, capitals, internet domain extensions for all countries.
★Get the currency and ISO codes of countries.
★Search for populations, GDP per capita and area for all countries.
★Emergency phone codes (police, ambulance, fire).
★Country codes - international is compatible with most of tablets and mobile phones.
★Even without searching you can see all Country codes - international in the list view.
★This application can be installed on the SD Card.
Please help us to develop better applications by making review on Country codes - international.

★★★★ Supported countries ★★★★
Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antarctica, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Central african republic, Costa rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, United kingdom, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Ivory coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, New zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papua new guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto rico, Qatar, Reunion(french), Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, Sanmarino, Saudi arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South africa, South korea, Spain, Sri lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United arab emirates, Uruguay, United states of america, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

★★★★ Contact us ★★★★
You can visit our website at and find us on facebook at
We would like to hear from you.

How to download NBSTC APK at

A special purpose vehicle in the form of public limited company "North Bengal State Transport Corporation" was set up to operate and manage the public transport system in North Bengal.

The buses with 2 broad doors are allowing passengers to board and alight quickly and easily, save time and fuel, and give better run-times and improved economy to the bus operators.

All buses are equipped with the ITS features & monitored at the Transit Management Center.

NBSTC main objective is the enhancement of the Public Transport Services in North Bengal & make the services sustainable, safe & comfortable.

How to install NMMT BusTracker APK at

Taking a step forward toward making travelling in public transport a smoother and more reliable experience for commuters, Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport has launched the NMMT application.
The application is currently available only in android platform in its phase-1 release with Limited feature listed as follows.

NMMT Bus Stop Details:

>User can see their nearby bus stops along with walking time.
>User can able to select any bus route as per their travel plan/ requirement from the listed services available from that bus stop.

Real Time ETA/ ETD:

>User can see real time bus arrival and departure time of all busses passing through the bus stop selected by User.

Real Time Vehicle Location Tracking and Schedule:

>User can see the last stop of the bus as well as expected time arrival of the selected bus at all upcoming bus stops.
>User can see the details of all scheduled bus in the selected bus station for the particular route to know upcoming bus in that route from that station.

Alarm Feature:

>User can set alarm to remind him/her to get down in a stop set by user before the bus is about to reach that particular stop. The mobile will buzz as per the predefined time set by user.

Favorite Route:

>User can set a favorite route from a favorite bus stop as per their travel requirement and directly access the bus details of his favorite route from the favorite menu.

Information Sharing:

>User can able to share their travelling details like bus number, current location etc. to any one through whatsapp and SMS.
>User can see the latest announcement made by NMMT on the latest service and offerings.

How to install Albuquerque WiFi APK at

ABQ WiFi is an Android Application using open Government Data for public WiFi's in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA that shows and allows you to connect to WiFi Networks on a map. You may also add networks while in Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, or Los Lunas.

Perfect for tourists visiting or residents alike.

Key Features:
>> Shows open Wifi's on an easy to read and use Google Map.
>> Updates your current location as you move around the city.
>> Automatically connects to HotSpots you select if within range.
>> Not within Range? We will try and find a public network near you.
>> Fully extensible. Newly found networks are automatically added to our database.

Uses open data from as well as our own custom data.

If you need any help, please email us using the Developer email below or by using Support from the About section.

How to download Egypt VR 360 APK at

Best Places to Visit in Egypt 360° and VR
Experience Egypt in Virtual Reality

Cairo , Giza , Alexandria , Luxor , Aswan , Sohag , Red Sea , South Sinai

Great Pyramids , Sphinx , Mastaba of Ankhmahor , locality of Abusir , Egyptian Museum , Khan el-Khalili , Nilometer , Tahrir Square , Al-Zahir Barquq Mosque , Sultan Hassan Mosque , Al-Hakim Mosque , Al-Rifai Mosque , Mosque of Ibn Tulun , Mosque of Ibn Kalawoun , Mosque of Amr ibn al-As , Bayt Al-Suhaymi , Ben Ezra Synagogue , Church of Saint George , Abdeen Palace , Bab Zuweila , Roman Amphitheatre , San Stefano , El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque , Stanley Bridge , Fort Qaitbay , Aquarium Museum , Bibliotheca Alexandrina , Anwar Elsadat Museum , Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque , Alexandria Zoo , Orthodox Church , Temple of Seti I , Colossi of Memnon , Hathor Temple , Khnum Temple , Temple of Ramses II , Temple of Ramses III , karnak Temple , Avenue of The Sphinxes , Temple of Hatshepsut , Court of Amenhotep III , Tomb KV62 , Tomb KV9 , Tomb TT96 , Tomb KV34 , Tomb TT57 , Tomb TT69 , Tomb KV17 , Tomb TT279 , Tomb TT335 , Tomb TT41 , Tomb TT31 , Tomb TT35 , Tomb KV2 , Tomb KV14 , Tomb KV11 , Tomb TT1 , Tomb WV23 , Tomb KV42 , Tomb TT178 , Philae Temple , Temple of Kom Ombo , Temple of Nefertari , Abu Simbel Temple , Temple of Sobek-Haroeris , Temple of Edfu , Heissa Island , Philae Island , Temple of Abydos , Temple of Osireion , Hurghada , Monastery of St Anthony , Sharm El Sheikh , Mount Moses , Mount Catherine , St Catherine Monastery , Salt Cave , Pharaohs Island , Taba

أجمل الاماكن السياحية والأثرية فى مصر

القاهرة , الجيزة , الأسكندرية , الأقصر , أسوان , سوهاج , البحر الأحمر , جنوب سيناء

الأهرامات , أبو الهول , مصطبة الأنخماهور , منطقة أبو صير , المتحف المصرى , خان الخليلى , مقياس النيل , ميدان التحرير , مسجد الظاهر برقوق , مسجد السلطان حسن , مسجد الحاكم , مسجد الرفاعى , مسجد ابن طولون , مسجد ابن قلاوون , مسجد عمرو بن العاص , بيت السحيمي , كنيس بن عزرا , دير مار جرجس , قصر عابدين , باب زويلة , المدرج الرومانى , سان ستيفانو , مسجد القائد إبراهيم , كوبرى ستانلى , قلعة قايتباى , المتحف البحرى , مكتبة الأسكندرية , متحف انور السادات , مسجد المرسى ابو العباس , حديقة الحيوانات , الكنيسة الأرثوذكسية , معبد سيتى الأول , تمثالى ممنون , معبد حتحور , معبد خنوم , معبد الكرنك , معبد رمسيس الثاني , معبد رمسيس الثالث , طريق الكباش , معبد حتشبسوت , محكمة أمنحتب الثالث , معبد فيلة , معبد كوم أمبو , معبد نفرتاري , معبد أبو سمبل , معبد سوبك وهاروريس , معبد ادفو , جزيرة هيسا , جزيرة فيلة , معبد أبيدوس , معبد الأوزريون , الغردقة , دير الأنبا أنطونيوس , شرم الشيخ , جبل موسى , جبل كاترين , دير سانت كاترين , كهف الملح , جزيرة فرعون , طابا

How to download LBS Gujarat Darshan APK at

Gujarat Darshan app is the easy way to search for Gujarat tourist place, which shows some favorites tourists places with map of the place, description and how to reach that places. App has below features,

- Search places by keyword
- Browse the places by city wise
- Browse the popular places
- Browse the heritage hotels.
- Add to favorites places.

We would like to get some suggestions, new features request or about any issues, please drop us mail on [email protected]

How to install Paris Transports APK at

Never miss the last train in Paris!
Shows the next 4 trains on each line and station of the Parisian metro.

The RER and tramway are available in a dedicated application !

**** NOTE ****
This application is in development and only the metro + noctilien is currently supported.
If you have any problem, please send me an email (see below), I would be happy to fix it!

New feature: While you are on the way, and you have calendar event later today, an automatic notification is displayed show the time of arrival for the meeting (ETA).

How to download OTO - גלאי מכמונות מהירות APK at

אפליקציית OTO - חובה בכל אוטו - גרסת בטא, בחינם.

גלאי מכמונות מהירות אוטומטי אצלכם בטלפון !
כולל כל המכמונות החדשות ומתעדכן אוטומטית באופן קבוע
האפליקציה מזהירה בחיווי קולי וויזואלי אם התקרבתם לאחת ממצלמות המהירות שבמאגר ואתם מעל המהירות המותרת.
סעו בזהירות ומנעו התראות!

אפליקציית OTO הינה אפליקציה ישראלית חדשה וחכמה במיוחד. היא "זוכרת" בעצמה (ללא צורך של כל התערבות שלכם) את המקום שבו חניתם ויודעת לכוון אתכם חזרה לרכבכם (במידה ולא חניתם בחניון תת קרקעי).
האפליקציה מציגה שרות ייחודי אשר שומר על מיקום רכבכם בזמן החנייה באופן אוטומטי בשרת של אנגוג כך שתמיד תוכלו למצוא אותו.

הערה: עדיין יש פספוסים של זיהוי מקום החניה. בקרוב נוציא עדכונים עם שיפורים.

זוהי אפליקציה מגניבה בעברית שכדאי שתהיה במכשירכם, רק למקרה הצורך...

בנוסף אפליקציית OTO מציעה את היכולות הייחודיות הבאות:

-חניונים – מידע עדכני על חניונים, מחירים ומיקומם (כולל חניונים בחינם בתל אביב!, בקרוב בעוד ערים)
-אזורי חניה – מפת אזורי החניה לפי תו אזורי ברחובות תל אביב
-בתי קפה בתל אביב (בקרוב בעוד ערים) – האפליקציה מציגה בתי קפה מומלצים ומיוחדים שבחרנו במיוחד עבורכם

המידע באפליקציה מתעדכן באופן קבוע. צפו לקבל גרסאות מעודכנות ותזכו למידע ויכולות אטרקטיביות נוספות.

שימו לב!:
אנא אפשרו את ה- GPS ואת אופציית "שימוש ברשת אלחוטית למציאת מיקום" לצורך הפעלת גלאי המצלמות ומציאת מיקום הרכב.

מלבד זאת הפעלת ה- GPS האוטומטית עבור זיהוי המכמונות מותנית בכך שהטלפון מחובר למטען בכדי לא לבזבז סוללה.

הערה חשובה:
הגרסה הנוכחית הינה גרסת בטא של האפליקציה. אם נתקלתם בבעיה, או אם יש לכם הצעות לשיפורים – אל תהססו לפנות אלינו. בנוסף: במספר דגמים האפליקציה אינה עובדת. אנחנו מצטערים על כך ועובדים קשה בימים אלו על מנת לאפשר שימוש באפליקציה עבור דגמים אלו. בכל ענין אנא צרו קשר איתנו במייל

How to download GeoCompass APK at

Geocaching is fun now! Finding caches is fast and simple. Enter GPS coordinates of the cache and GeoCompass will navigate you there, just follow the arrow. Collect caches with fun and become a real geocaching treasure hunter. Ideal for multi staged geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. -- WIKIPEDIA

- thanks to diga1001 for German translation.
- graphics used from

How to download Compass & Map APK at

Display a nice compass (with address) and a direction oriented map (see the menu).

Stay tuned, more features to come.

1.2.1: enabled move 2 sd for froyo
1.2.0: added a crash debug analyser

How to install Route Planner APK at

Find the easiest and fastest travel route to your destination. Insert your starting point and your destination - and get custom road map directly - on a may or as driving directions.
*** And now - you can find your parked car - automatically! ***

How to download Steady compass APK at

This application is a magnetic compass whose main goals are the reliability and the ease of use.
Sensor data is treated by a Kalman filter in order to obtain superior stability in readings.
The design is simple without unnecessary glares and shadows to improve readability.
This compass is intended to be used in horizontal position.

In order to keep this as a 100% free product please give it a positive vote if you find it useful.

The application makes use of gyroscope sensor data on devices having this kind of sensor.
If the gyroscope option is grayed out, your device does not have this kind of sensor. Do not give a negative vote because of your device lacking such sensor.

If you are experiencing any issue, please contact the developer by mail.
Otherwise, it is impossible to get the necessary information to solve the problem.
Strange behaviours (such as continuous rotation) are due to sensor problems.
Calibrating the magnetic sensor or rebooting the phone does usually fix these problems.
The application just represents the data gathered by the sensors.

Keywords: compass, kompass, kompas, kompasas, boussole, brújula, brúixola, busolă, pusula, πυξίδα, iránytű

How to download Track Location & Car APK at

Introducing Track location - location tracking makes it easier.

Track Location uses GPS location data in addition to accurate data Google Play location services to pinpoint your location.

*** And now - you can store the location of a parked car - automatically! ***
Remembers where you parked, without any intervention on your part.
Just click on the Find My Car, to find your way to the car!

ROAD without compromise.
Track location can be used to pinpoint GPS coordinates manually or automatically track the journey. Keep track of where you've been one of the most accessible types of data: GPS coordinates.

Export of data more easily.
Track Location allows you to export your location data as KML or CVS file. Both of these formats can be read by other programs - including Google Earth and Google Maps for reference location. Show your friends where you've been and share your location information with someone via Facebook or Twitter - instantly.

Accuracy to the meter.
Our innovative applications will also tell you the accuracy of location data - to m. The accuracy can be saved with a value from 1 to 1000 meters. Save Latitude and Longitude with ease and keep track of where you've been - anywhere you have a GPS or availability of network coverage.

Import data, only TAP AWAY.
In-addition to exporting KML files, you can import them. Moreover, handheld GPS coordinates can be added to plot a point in the world.

Track location - reinvented GPS tracking location.

- Precise and accurate tracking GPS.
- Different accuracy (1-1000 meters).
- Import / Export KML files.
- Export the CVS files.
- Automatic recording and manual recording.
- Simple and easy to use.
- View bookmarks map places recorded

NOTE: Track location can not be used to track additional phones simply device, the application is installed in.

Track position is an application that keeps a place where you are.

It is now possible to share your saved locations via Facebook and Twitter.

Find the spots you love and save all this way you can show your friends and lived later.

Using GPS or Internet connection, you can see the latitude and longitude of where you save it to check later.

Track Location now uses Google Play Location Services, she brought fast track location with good accuracy.

This app can find you anywhere. It can be used Wifi, Carrier Network, GPS, to locate your position if you are home or away, it will find its position.

This application can now track your location and show the estimated accuracy of the exact place that you are.

When traveling, you can use the automatic recording, the application will save the location of the spots you have visited. Use file KML, generated by the app and see places in Google Maps or Google Earth.

Using KML file it will be possible to use Google Street View and show your friends all the places you go.

Track location will save all your favorite videos and go, even inside the country or in other countries that you go.

Track location is great for tourists, recorded the location of all the places you go and never forget again.

A must have application for a tourist who wants to make tourism when traveling to other places.

How to download WhereTo - Travel Planner APK at

Easily plan your next trip with vacation planner.

This app has everything you need for your next travel it will help you with finding places to visit, where to your shopping, and even see if there are any concerts of your favorite band.

If you plan on tourism you can find different historical sites, monuments, museums and more.

Main features:

- Find a variety of places to visit such as restaurants, cafés, art galleries, museums, and more.
- Search for flights and hotels for your destination.
- Save places that you will want to visit while on your vacation and see them on the map; navigate with Google maps to any destination.
- Find out about concerts or live events.
- See the weather for your destination.
- Add notes for any destination you plan to travel.
- See detailed information about places such as: contact info, opening hours, reviews and more.
- Find places around your current location.
- See a basic travel itinerary with the places you will want to visit.

How to use?

- First, look for a destination or for places near your current location (when the app finds your location click on the GPS signal).
- Second, choose the category you are interested in (activities, shopping, tourism, etc.)
- Choose from the location types for that category so you see a list of places for that type.
- Click on the *heart* icon to save a place for your destination or click on it to see more details.

- On the main screen, clicking on 'your trip' will lead you to a screen with all your saved places with an option to see them on the map, and a place to add notes for that destination.

- To find concerts open the 'Activities' category and click on 'Concerts.'

- Currently, there is no option to sync this data.
- If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by email: [email protected]

How to download BW Map mobile APK at

BW Map mobile brings onboard topographic maps of Baden-Württemberg, Lake Constance and its surroundings in scales of 1:10 000 to 1:1 Mio to your Smartphone or Tablet as well as a dense network of cycle and hiking trails. The most important features are search for place names and coordinates, GPS-positioning incl. moving map, timetable for public transport, measuring and record Points of Interest and Routes.


BW Map mobile is a product of the State Office for Geoinformation and Land Development in Baden-Württemberg (LGL). The free application uses the open data service Maps4BW and includes a generous amount of credits for paid maps. Purchasing a 1-year license grants you unlimited access to up to date topographic maps with the opportunity to store the map data on the SD-Card. You can use recreational information like a dense network of cycle and hiking trails, educational trails and places of interest with links to their web pages.
The 1-year-license does not renew itself automatically. Downloaded maps remain on your device and can still be used.
Please note, the idea behind the app is not to store all map data at largest scale onboard or your SD-Card. You can run into performance issues. We recommend only caching the map tiles you actually need for your next trip.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

For more information about BW Map mobile with a detailed description of the difference between the free and the 1-year license version visit our website

How to download Austrian Map mobile APK at

The Austrian Map mobile (AMap mobile) contains the digital maps of Austria including hill shading, geographic names database “Geonam” and the digital elevation model. This digital product of the Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV) offers high quality topographic maps and a user-friendly interface with extensive functionality.

Maps and data available in the Austrian Map mobile:
* Overview Map 1:1 Million (free of charge)
* Cartographic model 1:500 000 (free of charge)
* Cartographic model 1:250 000
* Cartographic model 1:50 000

The app contains a map tile contingent of 550 tiles, which corresponds to 550 km ² in the scale 1:50 000 (no specific area, maps free to choose). This allows to test the capabilities of the AMap mobile in a specific area. Additional areas may be downloaded at will.

Functions of Austrian Map mobile:
* Search by toponym or search by coordinates
* GPS features: Display of the location, "moving map", compass support, routing along tracks
* Insert, edit and share POIs (Points of Interest)
* Recording and exporting tracks (tracks can be imported into AMap Fly)
* meta data about the used map sheets

How to download Swiss Map Mobile APK at

Swiss Map Mobile brings the Swiss national maps 1:10 000, 1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000, 1:500 000 and 1:1 million on your smartphone and tablet.
The most important functions: seamless zooming, change of scale, positioning (GPS) including Moving Map, and recording of waypoints and routes.

Swiss Map Mobile offers free and unlimited access with a simple possibility of download and local storage of a predefined map extent of an area of 10x10km for offline usage. Using a Swiss Map Mobile subscription, you store any amount of map material, depending on the available free space on the device. The subscription for one year can be purchased from within the application directly. More information on Swiss Map Mobile can be gathered from swisstopo.

Note: the application requires an internet connection in order to download map material. The connection can be established through Wi-Fi or a mobile network. On startup, the stored map data is automatically updated as long as a Wi-Fi connection and a valid subscription are established.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

How to install Czech phrasebook (free) APK at

Czech - the official language of the Czech Republic.Czech phrasebook helps tourists in any situation. The program will be useful for beginners (Czech language learners).

English-Czech phrase book contains many tourist Czech phrases of different subjects. You can learn the basics of the Czech language. Czech pronunciation of phrases written in English.

Phrases are sorted by category (life situations), which makes it easy to navigate the tourist trips. Learning basic Czech phrases is necessary for the trip. Take a phrase book with you and be confident in any situation.

Phrasebook is indispensable if you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic. Ideal for tourists, businessmen and all who interested in studying of Czech language!
If you are just beginning to learn Czech, the program will help you become familiar with these terms, learn some new Czech words and phrases, and amaze your friends!

It will be easy to travel, make reservations at restaurants and cafes to register at hotels, you will be able to meet new people, ask for help if necessary, to resolve problems with the police, successfully make a purchase, and much, much more.

How to install Английский разговорник english APK at

Английский (english) - язык международного общения. Разговорник английского языка поможет туристу в любой ситуации где бы он не находился. Программа будет полезна начинающим изучать английский язык (elementary english level - ESL).

Русско-английский разговорник туриста содержит множество английских фраз самых разных тематик. Вы сможете познакомиться с основами английской речи. Произношение английских фраз написано по русски.

Фразы разговорника отсортированы по категориям (жизненным ситуациям), что помогает легко ориентироваться в туристических поездках. Озвучивание английских выражений производится при помощи стандартного TTS (если установлено). Выучите базовые английские фразы необходимые для путешествия. Возьмите разговорник с собой и будьте уверены в любой ситуации.

Разговорник незаменим если вы планируете путешествие в англоговорящую страну. Идеально подходит для туристов, бизнесменов, всех, кого интересует изучением английского языка!
Если вы только начинаете изучать английский, программа поможет вам познакомиться с эти языком, подучить новые английские слова и выражения и удивить ваших друзей и знакомых приобретенными знаниями английского языка, которые несомненно пригодятся в поездке. Ведь сегодня в туристических странах все знают основы английского.

Вам будет не сложно ориентироваться в любой англоязычной стране стране, путешествовать, делать заказы в ресторанах и кафе, регистрироваться в гостиницах, вы сможете познакомиться с новыми людьми, обратиться за помощью если это потребуется, уладить проблемы с полицией, удачно сделать покупки и многое, многое другое.

How to download German phrasebook (free) APK at

German - one of the world and international languages.
German phrasebook will help tourists in any. This German learning program will be useful for beginners.

English-German phrase book contains a lot of German tourists phrases of different subjects. You can learn the basics of the German language. German pronunciation of phrases written in English.

Phrases are sorted by category (life situations), which makes it easy to navigate the tourist trips. Learn basic German phrases (necessary for the trip). Take the phrasebook with you and be confident in any situation.

Phrasebook is indispensable if you are planning a trip to Germany. Ideal for tourists, businessmen and all those who interested in learning German language!
If you are just starting to learn German, the program will help you become familiar with the language, learn some new German words and phrases, and amaze your friends.

It is easy to travel, to make reservations at restaurants and cafes to register at hotels, you will be able to meet new people, ask for help if necessary, to resolve problems with the police, successfully make a purchase, and much, much more.

How to install Speedcam Downloader (Russia) APK at

WARNING: This program downloads speedcam data for Russian and few other regions only. Moreover, the application supports only the following popular in Russia navigation programs: CityGuide, Navitel Navigator, 7ways or iGO. You can check speedcam region availability on:

Speedcam Downloader downloads the speedcam and radar data from the site for navigation of CityGuide, Navitel, 7ways and iGO (including Primo).

Before use, you must fill in the required settings such as program, region and format.

* Support for CityGuide, Navitel, 7ways and iGO
* Update for multiple programs at the same time
* The ability to combine speedcam data for different regions
* Backup old speedcam data
* Scheduled downloads


How to download Indian Railway APK at

1. Get Trains from your station
2. Finalize your Destination
3. Check Seat Availability
4. Book your train on IRCTC
5. Chek PNR Status
6. Get Live Running information
7. Get Train Details with Travel Route
8. Get Cancel Train List.

How to install Travel Map APK at

This app is designed to facilitate travelers with location details using Google map & GPS. With this App you can find your current location and Share , you can get distance between cities , you can trace your traveling path. you can save your traveled path.

1. Share your location on WhatsUp,FaceBook,SMS,etc.
2. Find near by places like Restaurant,Gym,Petrol pump,etc.
3. Get Distance between multiple locations.
4. Get Map directions of Multiple locations.
5. Save Maps for Offline Usage.
6. Record your Travel Path and Save it for Future reference.
7. Get Address of your Current Location.

How to install Jadwal Kereta Commuter Line APK at

Jadwal keberangkatan commuter line dilengkapi dengan estimasi tarif KA dengan tujuan stasiun se Jabodetabek .
Indonesian Train Schedule and Rate per

Fitur / Feature :
- Info Tarif KA / Rate
- Rute dan Jadwal Commuter Line / schedule and route
- Peta jalur Kereta / Map
- Tips Perjalanan / Travel Tips
- Tiket Kereta KRL / Ticket Preview

Meliputi / Include :
No - No KA - Kelas - KRL - Relasi - Stasiun Keberangkatan - Stasiun Persinggahan - Waktu Datang - Waktu Berangkat - LS

STASIUN / station :

Perhatian/ Note:
- Aplikasi ini tidak berafiliasi dengan PT. KAI / We are not affiliated with PT. KAI
- Kirim kritik saran Anda ke / Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions : wiraswastika ( at )

How to download Near Me Places - food,atm,pub APK at

Find Near Me Places works globally. With near me you will have anything (ATM, Bank, Gas Station, Restaurant, Bar, Café, Hospital, Shopping Malls, Hotel, Taxi, Movie Theater, Beauty Salon, Emergency Centers etc ) with their contact details and navigation around your location at fingertips.

This application find your location instantly when you entered and provide nearby places according to the category you selected in a list as well as plots on map with detailed information like place name, address, distance, duration to reach destination and contact details.

Save time :
It's a waste of time if you go to a place which is closed, we value your time and provide whether the place you selected is open or closed Instantly when you are starting.

Sophisticated search for food :
Searching for your favorite dish is ever easy now.Italian,Mexican, Indian style,etc whatever your favorite dish we help to find it around the world

Save your Interests :
Near Me Places also provide you search option through which you can search whatever you want in fraction of seconds, we save your search history and provide you in further reference to save your time and make your interests even more close to you at any part in the world.

Photos and Reviews :
Near Me Places is more concern about the place details like photos ,reviews and locality, so we provide you the ratings and reviews of your destination,photos as many as possible and locality like landmark to have a quick idea.

Customized Navigation :
Near Me Places provide you the directions with distance,duration to reach destination and we recognize every turn in the route ,plot on map when user selected it ,This will help when you are misleading from route. Apart from this you can also connect to Google Maps for navigation.

Features :
・ Automatically find your location and plots on map.
・ Keeps track on your history.
・ Display distance, duration, open status, photos, reviews and locality of your destination.

From now wherever you travel just concentrate on your purpose and entertainment we take care of the utilities around you. Just one thing you need to do is, use Near Me Places.

Developer makes no assurance on the accuracy or correctness of the data provided by the application. This application use Google Maps and Google APIs .

How to install 電召 APK at