How to download Cloud Softphone APK at

VoIP providers and pbx administrators - Cloud Softphone allows you to provide your users with a reliable, easy to set up mobile client (setup can be as simple as scanning a QR code) that is still highly customisable to your needs, please visit to learn more.

Users - please contact your provider or pbx administrator to see if they provide login credentials for Cloud Softphone.

Cloud Softphone Awarded 2013 and 2015 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award !

How to install Textalert Free - SMS Reminder APK at

ATTENTION: This is for US only. If you are international, and want to text US, you can use this. If you want to text Internationally, you will need to buy Textalert International.

Textalert allows you to schedule SMS/Text Reminders to yourself, or any of your contacts instantly. You can remind yourself or others of meetings, birthdays, a television show, anniversary, errands, bills, and so much more!

EX. Your wife wants you to get milk on the way home from work. She sends you a SMS at 10:00am, you don’t get off til 5pm. You will never remember! But your wife can send you a Textalert at 10:00am for you to receive at 5:10pm so you receive it while your on your way home! There are endless possibilities to the amount of Textalert’s that can be sent.

Need to send repeat Textalert’s? Not to worry. With this purchase you can send your Textalert’s at anytime, and schedule them to send Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly!


A WiFi / 3G, Edge Connection is required to send!

To receive a Textalert, you do NOT need to have the app, or Wifi, 4g, or 3g / Edge is NOT required. You do however need a device thats capable of recieving regualar SMS messages.

With the Purchase of Textalert Plus you get:

-Review, Edit, and Delete your Textalert’s
-Sending of 5 Textalert’s Per Day
-Send to anyone Nationwide! No Cost or SMS Charge to you!

Upgrade to Textalert Plus in App for .99 Cents you get:

All that Free offers!
No Ads
Send Unlimited Textalert’s Per Day
Schedule Repeat Events

Upgrade to Textalert International and you get:

All that the Full offers!
Send to ANYONE WORLDWIDE! International Messaging. NO COST TO YOU!
Send Textalert’s to 10 contacts at a time.

How to download ADDA Admin App for RWA members APK at

If you are a member of the Management Committee of any Apartment or Villa Complex then it is a must have app for you. Using this app you can now manage your apartment complex from anywhere you are. Receive notifications on New Users joining your ADDA, meetings, helpdesk tickets and any important events, which would keep you updated on everything regarding your apartment complex.

This is a must have app for any Apartment Association or Residents Welfare Association (RWA) or Cooperative Housing Society (CHS) to be on top of their society management. Some features of the App are as below:

* Send important announcements and reminders (Email, SMS, Flash Broadcasts), instantly – In the app you have the facility to send SMSs quickly using previously created SMS templates. These SMSs which are known as "Essential SMS" can be sent to even residents who are registered with DnD list as per a special permission we have taken from TRAI. You can use these templates to send essential and emergency notifications to users.

* Member Management - Add, Approve or Reject new members and manage resident information, quickly. At one glance you can view all the users who are pending approval to join your ADDA. You can easily Approve/Reject the request to join your ADDA. You can also easily add new users.

* Create and conduct Meetings - You can create meetings from anywhere you are and send notifications to attend the meetings to the relevant apartment complex residents or staff.

* Issue Management - Track and resolve resident complaints, efficiently. You can view all the helpdesk tickets which are raised by the residents of your apartment complex. This app gives you a snap shot of all tickets raised. You can also see the status of the ticket and take action based on the status.

* Purchase Requests can be raised and approved - As a Manager or Management Committee member you would have to often create purchase requests and get approval from other stakeholders for availing goods and services from vendors. In the ADDA Admin App purchase requests can be created, then you can assign it to residents who will approve the payment. Members get notifications that a Purchase Request is pending their approval and they can also approve the same through the App!

* Notice Manager - Put up important notification as notices in your ADDA right from your App. These notices become available to all your residents instantaneously. View the status of all notices in the App. This includes Approved Notices, Un Approved Notices. For Un-Approved notices, Admins can approve notices which are pending approval right from the App. For Approved notices, the Admin can change the expiry date of the notices.

* Send alerts to Defaulters - You can view all the residents whose maintenance dues are pending and the amount of pending dues. You can send reminders to the defaulter owners/tenants.

* Complete Staff Onboarding and Management

* Gatekeeper App Integration - Complete setup of Gatekeeper can be done on Admin App

How to install Plus Plus Messenger APK at

# One of the best rated messaging apps on Play Store #

Telangram Messenger's Features:

+ Useful Buttons +

** Online Users
** Active Groups
** Put online users to top
** Hide Tabs
** Night Mode
** Unread
** Mobile Data Saver
** Custom Feed
** Article Editor

+ The Following Languages are translated +



Change colors and sizes of many objects as texts, icons, headers... and create your own theme.
Save your theme and share it easily with your friends.
Data base with more than 4000 different themes, updated every day, with all type of categories. New themes are published every day, notifying with every new publication

+ Option to use direct share on any chat
+ Option to use direct share without quoting sender
 + Option to show pone emojis
 + Option to save files using original filename
 + Option to set custom compression when sharing videos
 + Option to use pone font
 + Option to show own photo or user photo in chat bubbles
 + Group admin is shown in groups profile
 + Option to discard proximity sensor changes when playing audio notes
 + Option to show profile pics when clicking photo in main screen
 + Option to show profile screen when clicking photo in main screen
 + Change wallpaper directly from chat screen
 + Option to change chat emoji view size
 + Option to mute users or groups directly from main screen
 + Option to add member directly from chat screen

In addition, it is translated to many other languages, updated by plus community continuously

It’s super-fast, simple, secure and free.
Telangram seamlessly syncs across all of your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and phones alike. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.).
Groups up to 5000 members, files up to 1’5Gb, create channels to broadcast messages to an unlimited number of subscribers, private chats with programmable self-destruction and end-to-end encryption, no need to give your mobile number, just your username is enough to chat in a group or with any user, etc


Official plus channel: @telangram

Here is the derivative source code:

How to install Ethiogram APK at

This application is the Unofficial Telegram Amharic/Ethiopian chat app.
Fikir Telegram Messenger is focused on speed and security, and is completely free.
Fikir Telegram Messenger syncing with your other devices and applications. Unlimited number of messages of text, photos, videos any file type you can send. You can create groups of up to 200 people and can broadcast messages of up to 100 people at the same person. Telegram with desktop applications, tablets, instant message with iOS and Windows Phone platforms.
Why pass the Fikir Telegram Messenger:
FAST: Fikir Telegram Messenger is one of the instant messaging application because the distributed server uses Telegram.
SAFE: Fikir Telegram messages are encrypted to protect against hackers by Telegram.
CLOUD STORAGE: Fikir Messenger's data will be synchronized between all your devices safely.
Group chat and sharing: You can create groups of up to 200 people by the Fikir Telegram applications and share files at high size.
FREE: Fikir Telegram is free and does not require additional fees such as membership fees.
PRIVACY: With Chat you can send secret messages so destroys himself against the side of your message after you set a time can make you see your message deletion from both sides. Confidential Chat messages are sent encrypted and can not be seen by you and others.
Fikir Telegram Open Source and the General Public License ( ) which is an application with. You can find the source code of the application in


Fikir Telegram Open Source እና General Public License (

How to install Stickers Emoticon For WhatsApp APK at

This application" Stickers Emoticon For WhatsApp" provides you best cartoon stickers to share with your friends on social media like FB, whatsApp, insta, and many others like this . You can also add text on your stickers in different colors and font styles easily.
( ! ) Important.
Just click on start button and select a background color easily after that click on any sticker button and select any sticker after that click on text button and add text to your selected sticker easily after editing share your sticker on any social media easy .
You can also use this application while you are cheating with some on what's app or and other social media.
"Stickers Emoticon For WhatsApp"
Type of stickers.
1) love stickers.
2) emotional stickers.
3) romantic stickers.
4) funny stickers.
And many others like this.
show your emotions with friends by using this app Stickers Emoticon For WhatsApp
( This application is totally free and sported by ads)

How to install Numler lite: Phone Directory APK at

Lite weight version of the popular numler caller id & blocker, search people all over the world using their phone numbers and names, easily and quickly identify callers and people and be able to avoid annoying callers.

The app acts as a reverse phone lookup and phone directory with billions of information all over the world and always updated by seconds.

the app is designed from the ground up to be simple and very fast to help you find what you are looking for in no time.

You will be able to modify your public information and protect your contact information from prying eyes by only accepting contact information requests from the people you want, privacy is important for us.

Enjoy the app for free and and also check our complete version at

Our community: feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

Support email: [email protected]
Google plus:

How to install Silverfone APK at

Silverfone DIALER is a Mobile VoIP dialer application that allows to make VoIP calls from any of the Android devices and it uses 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi Internet connectivity. It is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needs

How to install Bismivoice iTel APK at

Bismi Voice Supports all major Codecs and standard SIP RFC.

Bismi Voice is based on Operator code Application.

Bismi Voice Dialer provides Real time SIP status.

Bismi Voice Dialer Supports Nat Traversal.

Bismi Voice Dialer is integrated with Address book, call history and CDR.

Bismi Voice Dilaer support standard switch API for balance display and Minutes in t

How to download Bismivoice APK at

Bismi Voice Dialer has capability to run on low band width area and network with maximum voice quality

Bismi Voice Supports all major Codecs and standard SIP RFC.

Bismi Voice is based on Operator code Application.

Bismi Voice Dialer provides Real time SIP status.

Bismi Voice Dialer Supports Nat Traversal.

Bismi Voice Dialer is integrated with Address book, call history and CDR.

Bismi Voice Dilaer support standard switch API for balance display and Minutes in text.

How to download Namoro Católico APK at

Baixe, cadastre-se grátis e localize pessoas próximas a você.

How to download Agerigna Amharic Chat APK at

አገርኛ በአማርኛ ጨዋታ - Agerigna Amharic Chat
Agerigna is a FREE, simple and fast Amharic messaging app. Text now for free and enjoy writing Amharic with the built-in Agerigna Keyboard.

Agerigna is completely free. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go. Download Agerigna today to connect with people, no matter who they are, or where they are from.

አገርኛ አማርኛ ኪቦርድ - Agerigna Amharic Keyboard
Amharic (Ge'ez) Input Method that enables you type Amharic easily and fast.
Various layouts and support for tablet device
It provides various layouts that enables you to easily type Amharic
Colorful themes
There are various colorful themes to choose from.
Word corrections and suggestions
Agerigna keyboard is smart enough to recognize typo and provide correction suggestions to you while typing.
Highly configurable to your needs
It enables you to configure your keyboard in your own desired ways.
We will never collect your personal info including credit card information and so on.
However, you may receive a warning when activating Agerigna Keyboard saying “This keyboard may collect your personal data.” The warning message is a standard message in Android for ANY third-party keyboard app, so don’t worry.

Contact us at
Like us at

How to install Private Browser - Best Android Incognito Browser APK at

Private Browser for android is the most private secure browser app with incognito mode, speedy video download and smart search. Our powerful password guard and tracking protection give you anonymous access to all information in an undisturbed environment, without history, cookies and etc. Enjoy your safe surfing with incognito web browser.

How to download Beckon / Made by APK at

Beckon is the best high quality free call app, allowing you to make international calls for free. One-and-one and group call are both supported with HD quality. It is the world 1st to use 32kHz super wide band IP call, 4 times of traditional phone calls.

Beckon seems like a similar app with Skype, WeChat, Viber, Tango, WhatsApp, Line and Kakao which enables free call app. But if you try to make a call via Beckon, right away you can feel how great the 32kHz voice quality is like. is the developer of Beckon. At we make it easy to embed voice and video into mobile and web apps like Beckon with global reach and unparalleled quality of experience. Agora Communications as a Service (CaaS) ensures quality of experience for Internet-based RTC and WebRTC communications through an optimized virtual network deployed across nearly 100 data centers worldwide. The team has more than hundreds of millions of minutes call service per year and the official video technology partner of Mi Video Call.
If you are interested in getting SDK, please visit for more information or contact [email protected]

** World 1st 32kHz super HD voice quality, SDK available **
Our team has world A-list voice and video experts from Apple, Vidyo, Polycom, WebEx and etc. State-of-the-art acoustic algorithms (e.g., "Blind source separation" "Echo cancellation" "Noise suppression") are built-in to deliver a vivid high quality voice, feelings like you are next to me. This is perfect for friends and family members to talk with each other. If you travel abroad, on a business trip, or study abroad, Beckon would be your best free call app to stay connected with your family and friends.

** Group call with maximum 100 people, know and control call session, SDK available **
Beckon provides group call up to 100 people. But actually SDK can support at a maximum of 2,000 people in a single session. In a single session, you can easily know who’s speaking, who’s muting, who’s with bad network quality, who quit and who joined; at the same time, you can also mute yourself or others, send text messages and pictures, replay the last 4 seconds talk and etc.

** Service uptime is 99.999% with extremely low latency ** is the developer of Beckon, which is the world 1st to have global virtual network and the early Real Time Cloud player with nearly 100 data centers across continents. Agora CAAS (communication as a service) solves the challenges of real-time performance across the Internet backbone, the difficulties of the "mobile last mile", and the media optimization required for specific devices. Service uptime is 99.999% and call set up rate is 99.9%, latency averagely within 400 ms.

** Embed voice and video SDK into e-health, e-learning, collaboration, social, gaming apps and make them "talk" **
Agora voice and video SDK can be embedded into mobile and web apps for e-health, e-learning, collaboration, social, gaming and etc so that you can easily have users "talk" to each other in those apps.

Any questions regarding Beckon or Agora voice and video SDK, please contact [email protected] or go to for more details.
Please check out our other apps demonstrating our video and streaming products:
Agora Video Call – Super HD video call, one-and-one and group call

How to install Who's Stalking you ? APK at

Who's stalking you ? Sometime you probably feel very excited if have somebody adore you, they follow you regularly.

You want to discover them? who watched your Facebook the most?

This application provides worth information in which normally Facebook users can't determined. This Application scanned and discovered accurate data from Facebook (Facebook doesn't provide it, but they have this information). For these information, you probably know who can watched your profile, status or your pictures, etc..

It's totally Free. Try now! We hope it will be useful for you.

How to download كل مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي APK at

يجمع أكثر 10 مواقع تواصل اجتماعي شهره بتطبيق واحد
تم التصميم بواسطة

How to install X Browser: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet APK at

X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G Internet Browser - 4g browser fast download - x browser super fast & mini - x browser video downloader - x browser app - x browser video - X Browser 2018 is a free app on Android and tablets that have lots of great features will give you a great, safe, light and fast experience. This application will speed up your browser to achieve the quality of surfing on your Internet.
Download and work with the internet browser X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet - 4g browser app every day. Working with the fastest web browser you'll get a lot of pluses.

X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet - 4g fast speed browser - 4G Speed Browser - 4g browser for android is a fast, easy, secure and lightweight browser for mobile phones. Web browsers support both phones and tablets. It gives you impressive browsing and download experience.
Web browser is based on Android kernel WebKit.

It's designed for both Android phones and tablets. The X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet - 4g fast browser 2018 - 4G Web Browser - 4g speed internet app - 4G Speed Up Internet - 4g browser fast gives you control over your Web experience.

- A lightweight browser
- Desktop mode, Night mode
- Simple interface
- Watch video content & fast
- Use multiple tabs at once
- Small size / mini
- internet security
- Save memory
- Initial setting, adjust letter size, slider bar
- Quick and smart search
- Add a website directly to the homepage
- Works very well on 3G, 4G, 4.5G network speeds
- Tabbed Browsing Internet
- Privacy: Keep your web browsing safe and private.
- Safe: Access to browse everything on the Internet without saving anything.
- Quick: Get internet faster, with quick startup and page load times
- Adobe Flash Player support
- Small footprints
- Full screen mode.
- Install Font Size.
- Bookmarks
- Home page
- Search suggestions.
- Search on the page.
- Super easy to copy / paste
- Quick search: Google, Bing other default search engine
- Set up the User Agent
- Enhanced Gesture Features
- Share: super easy and intuitive way to share mobile content through social media channels.
- Advanced setup
- Use the native JavaScript and WebKit engine. So the file size is smaller
- Setting general browser (adjust font size, slider bar, etc...)
- Advances setting, recovery setting
- Add any websites directly to home page
- Watch video fully & fast

X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G Internet Browser - 4G Speed Fast Browser - 4G Super Fast Browser - 4G Fast Download - 4G speed browser is the smart web browser for Android and is compatible with most modern versions of Android for all users and 142 countries.
And many other features on The X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet. Use and enjoy the application of AI Web Browser, Inc - Light & Fast with just over 3Mb with many outstanding features.
X Browser Mini: Light & Fast - 4G High Speed Internet - 4G Speed Fast Browser helps you save memory and surf the web optimally.
It's always been faster, faster, lighter and more internet-based than other browsers, other browsers are 3G, 4G, 4.5G!

This produce is made by AI Web Browser Inc - Light & Fast version 3.1.1 softly with only 3Mb

How to download ai.GIF Box APK at

Animated message? Create your own with a single click!
Just type your message, we will find the appropriate GIF for YOUR message, throw your text in the animation, and create a cool message GIF in a second.
Copy and Share with your friends any kind of emoji art for any occasion.
So had a bit of fun into your texting, use our GIF box, create message directly form ai.type Keyboard using combination of emoji and text over the animated graphics and send it as a WhatsApp conversations or Facebook posts.
Use all this fun stuff directly from ai.type keyboard – Download it now!
The result might be different and depend on the application you are using, GIF Box support ALL textual application including Gmail, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Kik and others.

How to download Airtel Hangout - Seamless WiFi APK at

- Important note: Airtel Hangout is currently in the beta testing phase and is available only in Delhi NCR. To share any feedback with us, you can mail us at [email protected]

- Experience seamless WiFi with Airtel Hangout! All Airtel 3G/4G customers can now download the app and use superfast WiFi at locations across the country. You only have to type in your details once – say goodbye to typing in your user name and password every time! Just download the app, validate your number and you are all set to use Airtel Hangout. No more remembering login details!

- All you need to do to access Airtel Hangout is to subscribe to a 3G/4G pack. Wifi data consumption is from your pack itself. No more buying separate vouchers for Wifi!

- What’s more, the app will even help you find and get directions to nearby hotspots. It can even automatically connect you when you are in range, making for a smooth experience. You won’t even notice the transition – we promise you a seamless experience! All you need to do is to turn on the Auto Connect and Auto Discovery options. Auto Connect will automatically connect you when you are in range of a hotspot, while Auto Discovery will tell you whenever you are near an Airtel Hangout Zone. We highly recommend that you leave these options on – using WiFi data can even help you save on battery life.

- Airtel Hangout services are currently available in some of the most happening locations in NCR. As we continue to expand the network, it will become available at locations across the country. Rest assured, Airtel Hangout is coming soon to a location near you.

- Come Hangout with us today, and watch as even more surprises come your way! Very soon, you will be discovering free internet offers at every location, for your browsing pleasure. What are you waiting for?

- For more information refer to FAQs and Terms & conditions in the app.

How to install Airtel E Premier APK at

This application is accessible to premier customers of Airtel, comprising a catalogue of the offers and discount packages that a customer can avail based on the various segments he/she belongs to. It will also allow the premier customers to search the Airtel shop locations for Nigeria, Africa and to send their queries across Airtel.

Please note that this App can only be accessed by eligible Airtel Nigeria Premier customers.
If you are attempting to access the App from outside Nigeria (outside the Airtel Nigeria network) you will receive the following error message: ‘MSISDN Error, Please try again later’. This is because the App cannot currently be accessed from outside the Airtel Nigeria network.

In case after installation, you find wrong details then follow these steps:
1. Kill the application and turn off your mobile data.
2. Switch mobile data on once again and re-launch the application and check.

How to download Online Airtel Experience cent APK at

Online Airtel Experience Centre is a 3D animated virtual centre which can be accessed through PC & Mobile platform. First time customers are required to create a one-time profile. The attractive user interface and the animated visual aid enable the customers to experience real life customer service in a virtual world. Customers can navigate using keyboard keys and choose Bangla or English as their preferred language and this application comes with 3G mobile internet, Configure internet, Recharge & payment, Doorstep, Manage your account, New SIM purchase, Package & tariff info, Vas activation/deactivation, Promotions & offers and many more. Customers will receive advice on packages on the basis of their data usage in advice centres. There is also another facility in Online Airtel Experience Centre where Customers can now do live chat with Customer Service Representatives directly online.

Customer also can visit as guest user. Airtel believes in constant innovation to give the best in class service to their customers to make their lives easy. Online Airtel Experience Centre is a game changing innovation in its own right. This simple, easy to use, cutting edge technology is the future of tomorrow and will redefine customer service as we know it today.

How to download TalkPanda FREE International & Local Calls APK at

TalkPanda is a free calling app which allows you to make calls via internet on any international or local phone number. Using calling credits you can make unlimited calls across 200+ countries. TalkPanda allows long distance calls without any network glitch on WIFI/4g/3g/Edge unlike other dialer calling app in the market.

Our smart calling system provides you exceptional voice clarity where you can use your own phone number to make free international and local calls across globe or you can use Talkpanda to make app to app calling as well to save your call credits. You can also buy outcall packages with the app which are minute based packs for many countries like Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan etc.

How to Make FREE calls using our app

We have very easy ways for our users to earn free calling credits by which they can make calls to any phone number.

How to install Bluetooth Terminal APK at

Test your bluetooth project with this bluetooth terminal application. This can help you to testing on community with any device via bluetooth.

This application use for Bluetooth Serial Port Profile.Whether it is android device or other device like as mcu which connected by bluetooth module.

How to use
• Open this application and choose type of connection from menu
• Choose target device which you want to connect
• Waiting for connection status is success
• Test your bluetooth project

How to install هوية المتصل الحقيقة True Id - نمبر بوك العربي APK at

هوية المتصل الحقيقة True Id - نمبر بوك العربي تساعدك للوصول لارقام الجوال العربية
بحيث يمكنك البحث في ارقام الجوالات ومعرفه من صاحب الرقم عن طريق دليل الهاتف العربي
يتم اضافه مليون رقم يوميا الي الخدمه ...

هدفنا ان يصبح الدليل رقم واحد للجوال العربي

نمبر بوك لجميع ارقام الجوال العربية وقريبا الهاتف المنزلي

مميزات التطبيق:-
1- البحث عن ارقام الجوال
2- عرض جميع الاسماء الخاصة برقم الجوال في الدليل
3- معرفة من المتصل اثناء الاتصال
4- التحكم في خاصية من المتصل بحيث يمكن الغاء تفعيلها من شاشة البحث
و الضغط علي زر الخيارات و الغاء تفعيل خاصية من المتصل
5- التبليغ عن اسم غير ملائم و غير صحيح في التطبيق

How to install دليل المتصل السعودي - saudi caller id APK at

دليل المتصل السعودي - saudi caller id

خدمه دليل الجوال السعودي تساعدك للوصول لارقام الجوال السعوديه
بحيث يمكنك البحث في ارقام الجوالات ومعرفه من صاحب الرقم
يتم اضافه مليون رقم يوميا الي الخدمه ...

هدفنا ان يصبح الدليل رقم واحد للجوال داخل المملكه

نمبر بوك لجميع ارقام الجوال السعودية وقريبا الهاتف المنزلي

مميزات التطبيق:-
1- البحث عن ارقام الجوال
2- عرض جميع الاسماء الخاصة برقم الجوال في الدليل
3- معرفة من المتصل اثناء الاتصال
4- التحكم في خاصية من المتصل بحيث يمكن الغاء تفعيلها من شاشة البحث
و الضغط علي زر الخيارات و الغاء تفعيل خاصية من المتصل
5- التبليغ عن اسم غير ملائم و غير صحيح في التطبيق

How to download ارقامنا السعودي - Arqamna - دليل الهاتف APK at

ارقامنا السعودي , نمبر بوك السعودي دليل الهاتف Saudi phone Book - Saudi ،أمن جدا لايقوم بسحب اي معلومات دليل الارقام السعودي مع امكانية البحث عن موقع رقم البحث.

الأن اطلب تعديل رقمك المسجل دليل الهاتف بشكل مسئ أو خاطئ من داخل التطبيق أو إرسال إيميل للدعم [email protected] وسيتم التعديل في أقرب وقت يوجد فريق عمل على مدار الساعه لتعديل أي إسم مسئ

النمبر بوك السعودي دليل الهاتف يساعدك للوصول لارقام الجوال السعوديه
بحيث يمكنك البحث في ارقام الجوالات ومعرفه من صاحب الرقم
يتم اضافه مليون رقم يوميا الي الخدمه ...
نسعى الى ان نشمل جميع ارقام المملكة العربية السعودية النمبر بوك هو الدليل الاقوى بالعالم
مميزات التطبيق:-
1- امن جدا لايقوم بسحب اي ارقام او صور او ملفات من جوالك.
2- إمكانية طلب تعديل أي رقم بالدليل.
3- عرض جميع الاسماء الخاصة برقم الجوال في الدليل.
4- معرفة من المتصل اثناء الاتصال.
5- البحث عن الرقم داخل الدليل.
6- ارسال رسالة نصية.
7- الاتصال رقم البحث.
8- مشاركة الرقم مع الاصدقاء.
9- البحث عن موقع الرقم.
ارقامنا السعودي نمبربوك السعودي - دليل الهاتف Saudi Number Book

How to install Plus Messenger 2018 Multiple Account & Ghost Mode APK at

Plus Messenger 2018 Multiple Account & Ghost Mode is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API

How to install চাকরীর খবর APK at

চাকরীর খবর একটি মোবাইল আপস । দেশের গুরুত্বপূর্ণ সব জব সাইট গুলো, আপনি এখন একটি আপস এর মাধ্যমে পেয়ে যাবেন ।

অনন্য কিছু ফিচারঃ

১। জনপ্রিয় চাকরীর ওয়েব সাইটগুলো একসাথে ( বিডি জবস , প্রথম আলো জবস, বিডি জবস টুডে )
২। পছন্দের চাকরীটি সেভ করার সুবিধা
৩। ইন্টারভিভ/ ভাইভা প্রস্তুতির তথ্য
৪। সিভি লেখার পদ্দ্বতি

How to install دردشة العرب 2016 APK at

دردشة العرب 2016 مع مجموعة كبيرة من المستخدمين من جميع انحاء الوطن العربي

حيث يتميز التطبيق بالقدرة على الدردشه المجهولة الدردشة بسرية تامة مع بنات وشباب من جميع انحاء العالم

دردش و تكلم مع عدد كبير من الاشخاص و يكمن من خلال هذا التطبيق التعرف على شريك حياتك

حمل تطبيق و جرب الانطباع الاول علي وجه أصدقائك

و لا تنسوا التقيم

How to download Keyboard Browser APK at

Keyboard Browser for Android allows you to enjoy the benefits of a physical keyboard for your internet browsing.
Improve your productivity with devices like BlackBerry PRIV or KEYone.

List of shortcuts:
- A/Q: Display menu
- W/Z: New tab
- P: Previous
- N: Next
- L: Reload
- D: Desktop mode
- I: Zoom in
- O: Zoom out
- R: Reader mode
- S: Find on Page
- T: Go to top
- B: Go to bottom
- Space: Scroll down
- Shift+Space: Scroll up
- K: Bookmarks
- H: History
- U: Select URL
- Del.: Delete Tab (menu open)
- Pinch In/Out: Zoom In/Out
- Swipe Up/Down: Previous/Next tab (menu open)

Any ideas or suggestions?
[email protected]

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How to download WiFi Quick Login APK at

Most public WiFi hotspots aren't easy to use with a small screen.

WiFi Quick Login makes it simple and easy to login to public WiFi hotspots and guest networks. One button click automatically accepts terms and conditions, fills-in remembered passwords, and signs you in. No more scrolling screens to search for buttons. No more retyping passwords, No more opening a browser to log in before checking your email.

WiFi Quick Login also helps preserve your privacy: the hotspot portal is not able to set tracking cookies in your normal browser.

Unfortunately networks and Android devices vary a lot: you will either find this app very useful of not at all useful depending upon your device and which networks you connect to. Hence this is a trial copy, so you only need to purchase the app if you find it useful. The paid version costs about the same as a cup of coffee.

How to install ALE IP Desktop Softphone APK at


Installed on an Android tablet and smartphones(*), this application offers business voice communications to on-site and remote workers through an emulation of the Alcatel-Lucent 8068 Premium DeskPhone.

- Fully-integrated telephony solution
- Quick and user-friendly access to telephone features
- Smart DeskPhones user experience for fast adoption
- Optimization of employees’ productivity
- Easy integration of on-site and remote workers
- Carbon footprint reduction
- Communications, connectivity and hardware costs control

- VoIP protocol of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise/Office provides voice communications on the tablet or smartphone
- Available on-site on WiFi
- Available off-site anywhere the user is able to connect to the company’s IP network via a VPN (works on WiFi, 3G/4G cellular)
- G.711 and G.729 codecs are supported
- Business or Contact Center mode
- Horizontal/vertical flip
- Similar layout and keys as the Alcatel-Lucent Smart DeskPhones
- Multilanguage interface:
o Softphone display panel: the same languages as the 8068 Premium DeskPhone
o Application settings menu: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic languages are supported

- IP Desktop Softphone license per user required on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise/Office. Please contact your Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner to get these licenses.
- Minimum requirement: Android OS 4.2
- The installation, administration and user manuals are available from your Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner on the Alcatel-Lucent Technical Documentation Library
- Support URL:

(*) For the list of supported devices, please refer to the “Services Assets Cross Compatibility” document available from your Alcatel-Lucent Business Partner.

How to download OpenTouch Conversation APK at

• Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OpenTouch Conversation® for Android™ smartphone requires 'OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition' Release 10.0+ OR 'OpenTouch Business Edition' OR 'OpenTouch MultiMedia Services') Release 1.3+ infrastructure.
• Regarding OpenTouch infrastructure, OpenTouch Conversation for Android smartphone addresses either ‘Conversation’ or ‘Connection’ profile according to the end-user profile defined at IT Manager level.
• KEEP IN MIND that the functional richness of the application depends on both end-user profile and host infrastructure.
• Android OS 4.1+ is required (list of supported devices given below).

• Reduced enterprise communications expenses through use of Wi-Fi or 4G/3G data connectivity for telephone calls and conference call.
• Improve collaboration and increase efficiency with streamlined evolution of business conversations to include multiple parties, persistent conversations while on the move.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OpenTouch Conversation for Android smartphone leverages what users love most – their own devices. OpenTouch Conversation gives users choice and control over how they communicate, in whatever media, from any location or device.
Use gestures to place calls, retrieve messages and move easily from a phone call or IM to a multiparty conversation. Join conferences in one-click, enjoy visual voice mail ergonomics, and define and select your call-routing profiles to meet current location and availability.

• Download a single application matching different end-user profiles.
• Present a single business identity, with one phone number across multiple devices - desk phone, PC, tablet and smartphone.
• Offer a common user experience whatever the device you use.
• Voice over IP everywhere.
• Place, answer, and manage voice calls using the enterprise dialing plan.
• Call anywhere using device, corporate directory, or OT/OXO RCE contacts.
• Manage conversations using the complete set of mid-call controls: call recording, inquiry call, hold, back & forth, transfer, ad-hoc conference, add/remove participant, leave or terminate conference and hang up.
• Join in one click a scheduled meeting.
• Move the conversation between devices using Rapid Session Shift - move the late day conference to your mobile device and be on time for the next appointment.
• Listen to and manage voice-mail messages.
• View contact presence and availability and tap to start and manage collaborative, secure conversations.
• Start with a simple one-to-one chat and add people, add voice - seamlessly and effortlessly.
• Open past chats to review exchanges and when necessary re-start the conversation.
• Manage communication preferences and reach-ability using call routing profiles, effortlessly while on the move.
• Enable/disable Call Supervision and Manager-Assistant delegation.
• Schedule meetings on-the-go using predefined meeting profiles that tailor OpenTouch conferencing capabilities to match the type of meeting or event.
• Make a private call when necessary.

Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish , Turkish.

The Device White List for OpenTouch Conversation Software Clients (doc reference 8AL90822AAAB) is hosted on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Portal under the Technical Documentation Library.

Please, consult regularly our Business Portal in order to be informed about the latest inputs including Technical Communications and Release Notes.

More information available on

How to download Alcatel-Lucent 8600 MIC v3 APK at

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8600 My Instant Communicator Mobile Edition v3 for Android® requires 'OmniPCX Enterprise' Release 9.1 (or higher) AND 'OmniTouch 8400 Instant Communications Suite' Release 6.1 (or higher).

See below for the official list of supported devices.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8600 My Instant Communicator Mobile Edition v3 for Android® brings most of the Alcatel-Lucent unified communication capabilities to your smartphone. It empowers mobile users with advanced communication functions through enterprise-grade services from the 'Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8400 Instant Communications Suite' infrastructure.

The Alcatel-Lucent solution:
- Improves employee accessibility and productivity by keeping them connected anytime, anywhere.
- Saves and controls costs, as it copes with carrier best offer by setting “PBX issued” or “Mobile issued” business calls.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8600 My Instant Communicator Mobile Edition v3 for Android® / Business key features:
- Single identity whatever the device used (one phone number for both fixed and mobile phones).
- Cability to control ringing (either both phones or fixed phone only).
- Visual voicemail interface.
- Directory lookup (local and corporate contacts).
- Call history.
- Notification events (voice message, callback request and missed call).
- Telephony presence of your colleagues.
- Caller identification.
- Make call from local contact list, remote corporate directory, enterprise dialing plan, business call history, business voicemail interface.
- Mid-call services capability (hold/retrieve a call, transfer, three-party conference).
- Secure access to your enterprise through Reverse Proxy.
- Automatic fallback mode for basic voice services when data channel is lost.
- Nomadic mode allows to define a fixed phone other than your office phone as current phone offering therefore least cost routing capability.
- Certificate-based user authentication (as a supplement to current login/password-based user authentication).
- Capability (option through settings) to take a call from the native dialer.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 8600 My Instant Communicator Mobile Edition v3 for Android® is officially supported on the following devices:

Devices running Android Version 2.3:
Google Nexus One, Google Nexus S, HTC Explorer, HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000), Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100), Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (LT18i).
Devices running Android Version 4.0:
Google Nexus S, Google Galaxy Nexus, HTC Sensation, Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000), Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100), Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (LT18i).
Devices running Android Version 4.1:
Google Nexus S, Google Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I81900), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100).
Devices running Android Version 4.2:
Google Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4.
Devices running Android Version 4.3:
Google Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (GT-N9000 & N9005).
Devices running Android Version 4.4:
Google Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5.

More information available on

How to install Üzenetek APK at

13 témakörben több, mint 1400 üzenet, idézet, bölcsesség, vers várja, hogy elküldd szeretteidnek, ismerőseidnek, barátaidnak.
Egyszerűen kezelhető (másolás vagy megosztás teszőleges alkalmazással, akár facebookra, akár emailben, sms-ben vagy tumblr reblogban, twitteren vagy bárhogy, amit a telefonod csak tud:)
Új! Mostanól kiválaszthatod, hogy a hirdetés hogy jelenjen meg: kategória választásnál egyszer egy teljes oldalas, becsukható hirdetés, vagy pedig az oldal alján egy csík hirdetés. A választás a tied! Keresd a beállítást menüben.

Üzenetek születésnapra, névnapra, Valentin-napra, szerelmes és beugratós, vicces üzenetek, de húsvétra, esküvőre, karácsonyra sem maradsz üzenetek, vicces vagy megható üzenetek nélkül...

How to install Miss You SMS APK at

Miss You SMS

Tell your love how you miss him or her.

Hundreds of Miss You SMS in an one simple app.

You can send SMS to your loved one by text, email or social networks.

If you're in love - this app is a must-have!

Download for free today.

How to install Network Info APK at

If you are running Android 2.1+ use "Network Info II"
This means most devices manufactured since mid 2010

Donate version available, buy me a coffee :)

Shows info about the phone and the current net connection.

Can also display the public/external IP address & hostname.

No ads.

Only goes online to get the public IP via and resolve it.

+Net location

Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannot reply to market comments which can make debugging difficult.

How to install Inglês para viagens! APK at

Inglês Útil é um dicionário de frases, expressões e palavras de inglês para viagens. Todas as expressões contam com o áudio, facilitando a pronúncia. Inglês Útil foi produzido especialmente para falantes de português. O app é de fácil entendimento e totalmente grátis e funciona offline.

How to download Romanian-Spanish Dictionary APK at

This is a Romanian-Spanish and Spanish-Romanian Dictionary(Dicționar Român-Spaniol, Español-rumano Diccionario)

This new dictionary is more than just a dictionary. You can search words, from which you can also listen to the pronunciation. This is all very clear and it works as easy as a dictionary should, because it’s all offline!

Of course, you can do anything you expect from a dictionary, but there is more: It also has an extensive word trainer! This trainer is personal, which means you can add all the words to your personal dictionary and learn those words with the word trainer.

The word trainer has different exercises, which makes you practice all that is necessary: Your writing skills, your listening skills, your pronunciation, and your reading skills.

This makes that the app is indispensable when learning a language! It is suitable for any level.

How to install Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps APK at

Tamil Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps app is one of the best Tamil stickers app on the play store, you can add more than 500 stickers to you own WhatsApp.This is the best stickers in the market, Send stickers greetings to impress your friends and family.

Stickers helps to easily express your emotions and make your overall chat looks more awesome than the usual text and emoji. Our sticker packs are small and light weight, and you can add them easily to your collection to share with others.

A lot of Tamil Stickers pack you can add now to your Stickers For whatsapp conversations. Diferent and beautiful stickers packs are added in one single app you can add them with just one click.

Here we brings you a awesome app used to send more than 500+ funny, romantic, comedy and other moods based tamil stickers via WhatsApp chat/conversations. This app includes stickers of vadivelu, santhanam, koundamani, love, breakup, friendship, greetings etc.

Cool Tamil stickers for you to easily share with your family and friends to express your emotions in a more cool manner.

◈ How to use :

- Open App and tap on '+' OR 'ADD TO WHATSAPP' stickers you like and add it.
- Open any chat or group in WhatsApp and tap emoji icon.
- Tap sticker icon in the bottom.
- Find and select the sticker you want to send.

◈ Stickers available for,

→ Thalapathy Vijay
→ Superstar Rajinikanth
→ Vijayakanth
→ Anushka
→ Ajith
→ Vadivelu
→ Santhanam
→ Tamil Quotes
→ Tamil Movie Dialogues

How to download Telugu Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps APK at

Telugu Stickers for WhatsApp - WAStickerApps app is Collection of hilarious stickers & Emotions. Best Collection of funny stickers. Collection of best chat stickers are adorable we have combine them in such a manner that you can use these easily.

Telugu Stickers app convert most common chating into stickers for chat which provides you straight away as funny stickers for texts so that you can easily share them over social networking sites as stickers for whatsapp.

We are here to create a new trend in your daily chat with our Chat Stickers & Emoji App make the environment more laughable and funny with the set of these hilarious Chat Stickers & Emoji.

Enjoy Adding your favourite stickers in Whatsapp. Almost all type of Telugu Hero and Movie Sticker pack are added in the single app.This app also Included all politisation stickers from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. In this app all types of trending Whatsapp Stickers & many will be added frequently .

So, let's grab attention and Make someone smile! Not just smile! Let's make someone laugh Like Rofl!

How to install BSNL Balance Check APK at

BSNL (India) Customers can check the balance easily with the BSNL Balance Check.
It will work based on ussd and sms option.
Internet is not required after the download.

* Main Balance Check
* Data Balance Check
* Customer Care Number
* activate and deactivate value-added service

* Home
* Data
* Topup
* Customer Care

Keywords : BSNL Balance Check (India), BSNL India, Balance Check India, BSNL data balance, topup, BSNL customer care

How to install Vodafone Balance Check (india) APK at

Vodafone (India) Customers can check the balance easily with the Vodafone Balance Check.
It will work based on ussd and sms option.
Internet is not required after the download.

* Balance Check
* Data Balance Check
* Check own number
* check offers
* option available to "Confirm before the call" and "Confirm before send sms"

* Home
* Data
* Transfer
* Offer
* Topup
* Other
* Customer Care

Keywords : Vodafone Balance Check (India), Vodafone India, Balance Check India, Vodafone data balance, topup, Vodafone customer care and Vodafone transfer balance

How to download Etisalat Balance Check (UAE) APK at

Etisalat (UAE) Customers can check the balance easily with the Etisalat Balance Check.
It will work based on ussd and sms option.
Internet not required after the download.

Just one click to check Credit Balance, Data Balance and much more.

* Buy Five Card
* Main Balance Check
* Data Balance Check

Top Up
* Top Up using scratch card

* Check your offers
* Customer Care
* Caller Tune
* Postpaid balance

* Transfer Credit

Note : This is not official application from Etisalat. we created to simplify the balance check process. The ussd codes can change anytime.

Keywords : Etisalat prepaid balance check, balance check Etisalat prepaid, how to check prepaid balance Etisalat, check offer in Etisalat prepaid, Etisalat uae prepaid, how to transfer balance in Etisalat, prepaid topup in Etisalat

Disclaimer : This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with Etisalat

How to install du Balance Check (UAE) APK at

du (UAE) Customers can check the balance easily with the du Balance Check.
It will work based on ussd and sms option.
Internet not required after the download.

Just one click to check du prepaid - Credit Balance, Data Balance and much more.

* Main Menu
* Main Balance Check
* Data Balance Check
* Transfer Credit
* To Borrow credit
Top Up
* Top Up using scratch card
* You can select the option like More Time, More Credit, More Data and More International
* prepaid bundles
* Check your offers
Customer Care
* customer care numbers
* subscribe to flight cashback
* option to stop post notification

Note : This is not official application from du. we developed to simplify the balance check and ussd process.

Keywords : du prepaid balance check, balance check du prepaid, how to check prepaid balance du, check offer in du prepaid, du uae prepaid, how to transfer balance in du, prepaid topup in du

How to download Hello Card Dialer APK at

Hello Card Dialer application will help you to make international calls using pre-configured Hello Card number.
User can customize the Call Confirmation, IVR Language and Destination Country.
User can Enter a Phone Number with isd code and press call to make calls. (00 [isd code]
[phone number])
User can select a contact from contact list by clicking the contact icon on the screen.

Screens :
1. Type the phone number and Dial (phone number should be 00 format. for example 0091987654321)
2. Click the contact icon to select a contact
3. press call to make a call

Call History
1. You can make calls from the call history Screen. Click on the call log to Make a Call
2. Click the star icon to make the phone number as Favourite Number
3. if you want to clear the log, tap the menu button and press Clear Call History

1. You can make calls from the Favourites Screen. Click on the number to Make a Call
2. you can remove the number from favourites using delete button

Settings (select from menu)
1. Hello Card Pin Number
2. Language Selection
3. Country Selection
4. Confirm Before Call - Enable if you want to confirm the mobile number
5. Avoid Call Ended - Enable if you are facing call ended problem

Keywords : Hello Calling Card Dialer, Hello Calling Card UAE, Calling Card in UAE, Hello card dialer for du, Hello card uae, five card, card dialer, dubai calling cards, hello card dialer du, du hello card dialer, hello card dialer for du, hello voip card.

1. Enter the Mobile Number / select from contacts
2. Press Call Button
3. Phone call screen will open
4. Call will be connected to the call center
5. Language will be entered automatically based on you language preference
6. UAE Hello Calling Card secret number will entered by system
7. Now you can hear the balance information in you preferred language
8. Now your Destination number will entered by system
9. Now you can hear the balance minutes for that destination number(country)
10. If the Call-centre tells incorrect international number means, end the call, try one more time. it will work.

Note :
* Hello Card Number stored in your device only. We won’t allow others to read it.
* Make sure you are entering correct secret code from Hello Calling Card.
* Hello Card Dialer will store your Hello Calling Card Number in application,
if you are doing uninstall or update, the secret number may be removed.
so save your calling card number in your message or take a picture of it.
* we have tested Hello Calling Card in du. It will work fine in du.
* This is not a VOIP application.
* It will work with calling card(Hello Calling Card UAE) only.
* It will work without Internet Connection.
* It will use the Normal Phone call(toll free number), Charges will taken from calling card.
* if you are facing call ended problem, enable "Avoid Call Ended" option in settings


[email protected]

Demo Video (Youtube) :

Download Hello Card Dialer :
Hello Card Dialer for iPhone

Hello Card Dialer for Android

Hello Card Dialer for Windows Phone

How to install Connect for Outlook APK at

Connect: check your mail & calendar on the go for, Hotmail & Gmail accounts!

Key features:
• Works with, Hotmail and Gmail mail accounts
Passcode & fingerprint protection
Real-time push notifications for mail and calendar events
Smart search in your email, offline and online
Fantastic calendar with day, week, month and list views
Great widgets for your home screen (inbox & calendar!)
• Customizable interface: swipe-functions in the email inbox and signatures
• Night mode
• Group your Outlook email messages by conversation and filter your inbox
• Contact management for your Hotmail and Outlook contacts
• Integration with OneDrive & Android Wear
• Customizable do-not-disturb period to keep your inbox calm

Any ideas or suggestions for improvements are appreciated - we love to help you and will do everything we can to ensure this app for Hotmail, and Gmail stays the best app ever.

Remark: the Check and Connect email apps by Alpha Mail Apps are not connected to any other corporation or to (the owners of) Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail or any other email service provider. We are a small company trying to create products you love.

How to install Message Reader For WhatsApp APK at

This App read messages from WhatsApp in voice using Google Text-to-speech.
Main features are,

* Headphone mode available that reads messages only when headphone is connected.

* Bluetooth only mode to use while you driving or at gym

* Option to cancel reading messages when you having WhatsApp opened.

* Settings available to change settings for language,volume etc . . .

* You can disable and enable app whenever you want using settings.

How to download Chat for Google Talk And Xmpp APK at

ChatXmpp is general XMPP protocol based android app for chat services such as Gtalk.

Main features are,

* Loads and display Avatar of buddies using VCard.

* Chat history

* Run the app in background and get notifications on new messages.

* Option to add and delete contacts.

* Change your status,status message and avatar as you needed.

* Emotions.

* Chatroom support.

This application is not tested with other servers except G Talk

How to download ScribMaster draw and paint APK at

ScribMaster is a powerful vector based drawing application specifically designed for phones with large screens and tablets.

The paint engine works with scalable vectors instead of pixels, so you can zoom in and work on fine details without pixelation (the filling tool is an exception, it works with bitmaps). For vectoring we use SVG, you can export your images to your pc for professional editing in this format*. You can export PDF* files, too.

The new, revisited and intuitive user interface gives you quick access to the sketching & painting tools while it is still possible to make the interface invisible so that you can concentrate on your artwork.

If you create a ScribMaster account, you can send your artwork to other users via included instant messaging, or upload it to your online gallery (your "ImageStream").

Advanced features such as layers, transparency or the filling tool makes this application one of the most powerful of all drawing apps for Android.

*** ***

(Images drawn with ScribMaster by My Art © Luciano Vivirito,

✓ SVG Scalable vector graphics import and export feature*! Edit your ScribMaster drawings with Inkscape (free) or Adobe Illustrator! Note: Not all features will be exported, only the default and the pressure / speed dynamic pen will work due to restrictions of the SVG format.

✓ Pen only mode (For devices with pens such as Thinkpad Tablet, Galaxy Note)
• Pressure sensitivity for pens

✓ Two finger pan & zoom navigation (multitouch)
• Very huge canvas sizes

✓ Layers
• Import images from Photo Library
• Move and scale one layer only
• Rearrange layers
• Toggle visibility

✓ Gallery
• Store your artwork in vector format on your device
• Upload your drawings to your personal online gallery ("ImageStream")
• Export your drawings and share them (as jpgs)
• Full backup*

✓ Brushes
• 3D-Effect
• Airbrush
• Art pen
• Pressure sensitive pen

✓ Tools
• Line tool
• Fill tool

✓ Instant messaging
• Share work with other ScribMaster users
• Complete history of shared images
• Receive a notification for a new image
• Receive new images on a widget
• Texting

* With premium key only

How to download Личный кабинет APK at

С помощью приложения «Личный кабинет» можно легко проверить баланс, узнать свой тариф, а также получить доступ к множеству сервисов!
Но, хочешь получить полный контроль над своим счетом! Создавать свой собственный тариф и управлять всеми расходами!
Скачивай новое приложение от ALTEL! Доступно здесь:
* Все ваши замечания и предложения, касательно работы приложения внимательно изучаются. Вопросы по работе сети и услуг ALTEL принимаются только в Call-центре по номеру 611 или на сайте

Спасибо, что Вы с нами!

How to download Daily Hukamnama Amritsar SGPC APK at

Daily HukamNama a.k.s. HukumNama lets the user to get the HukumNama from pious Gurudwara/Gurdwara across India in your android mobile phone for free in English, Gurmukhi (Punjabi) ,Hindi, Translation in English, Arth(Meaning) in Punjabi.

This is completely free service for sikhs and non sikhs to get the message from Guru through HukumNama (Message from Guru).

You can now read hukamnama in

1. Punjabi
2. Punjabi Arth
3. English
4 .Punjabi Transliteration in English (Unique way of writing punjabi using english characters)

The app automatically downloads hukumnama to your mobile daily(only once from the network) and store in your mobile for the entire day and automatically updates when the day changes.

What is Hukamnama?

A Hukamnama refers to a hymn from the Guru Granth Sahib which is given as an order to Sikhs or a historical order given by one of the Guru's of Sikhism. The Hukamnama also refers to a hymn randomly selected from the Guru Granth Sahib on a daily basis. This is seen as the order of God for that particular day. The Hukamnama is distributed and then read aloud in Gurudwaras throughout the world. Hukamnama, is a compound of two words hukam, meaning command or order, and namah, meaning statement.

According to sikhism and Gurbani HukumNama/HukamNama is spiritual message from Guru Granth Sahib Ji daily . At one place you can get all the Hukamnama(Message from Guru) related information.

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How to install Messenger 2018 New APK at

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How to install প্রয়োজনীয় ১০টি ছোট সূরা APK at

আমার অ্যাপ্সের পক্ষথেকে সবাইকে আসালামু আলাইকুম, হুজুর পাক (সাঃ) ইরশাদ করেন “তোমাদের মধ্যে সর্বোত্তম ব্যক্তি সেই যিনি কোরআন শরীফ এর তা ’লীম গ্রহন করেন এবং কুরআন শরীফ এর তা’লীম”দেন। (বুখারী শরীফ,মিশকাত শরীফ)

কুরআন শরীফ মহান আল্লাহ পাক এর কালাম। মহান আল্লাহ পাক এর যেরূপ মর্যাদা-মর্তবা, তার কালাম কুরআন শরীফ এরও রয়েছে মর্যাদা, মাহাত্ম ও ফযীলত। ছহীহ্ শুদ্ধভাবে তাজভীদ অনুযায়ী কুরআন শরীফ তিলাওয়াত বা পাঠ করার মধ্যে অশেষ ফজীলত ও বরকত রয়েছে,অপরদিকে কুরআন শরীফ এর একটি হরফও যদি অশুদ্ধ বা তাজভীদের খিলাফ বা বিপরীত পাঠ করা হয় তবে ছওয়াবের পরিবর্তে গুনাহ্ এমনকি ক্ষেত্র বিশেষে কুফরী পর্যন্ত পৌছার সম্ভাবনাও রয়েছে।

আমারা আমাদের এই অ্যাপটিতে কোরআর শরীফের প্রয়োজনীয় সংক্ষিপ্ত ১০ টি সূরা নিয়ে তৈরী করা হয়েছে। আর প্রতি সূরার আরবি, বাংলা উচ্চারন ও বাংলা অর্থ সহ দেওয়া হয়েছে। যেহেতু সূরা গুলো অনেক সংক্ষিপ্ত (ছোট) তাই এই সূরা গুলো খুব সহজেই মুখস্ত করা যাবে। যা কিনা আমাদের প্রতিদিনকার নামাজ পড়তে সাহায্য করবে। যে সব সূরা এখানে একত্রিত করা হয়েছে-

১. সূরা ফাতিহা | سورة الفاتحة
২. সূরা ফীল | سورة الفيل
৩. সূরা কুরাইশ | سورة قريش
৪. সূরা মাউন | سورة الماعون
৫. সূরা আল কাওসার | سورة الكوثر
৬. সূরা কাফিরুন | سورة الكافرون
৭. সূরা নাসর | سورة النصر
৮. সূরা আল ইখলাস | سورة الإخلاص
৯. সূরা আল ফালাক | سورة الفلق
১০. সূরা ক্বদর | سورة القدر

অ্যাপটি সম্পর্কে আপনার ভাল লাগা মন্দ লাগা বিষয়টি রেটিং এর মাধ্যমে জানান। কোন মতামত বা পরামর্শ থাকলে আমাদের [email protected] এ মেইল করে জানাতে পারেন। অ্যাপটি যদি ভাল লাগে তাহলে আপনার বন্ধুদের নিকট শেয়ার করুন।

How to download Emergency Number Bangladesh APK at

বাংলাদেশের সকল ইমারজেন্সি ফোন নাম্বারের লিস্ট। এই অ্যাপ্সের মাধ্যমে আপনি জানতে পারবেন সারাদেশের ইমারজেন্সি হট লাইনের ফোন নাম্বার। এই অ্যাপ্সে আমরা যুক্ত করেছি- বাংলাদেশ পুলিশ, বাংলাদেশ ফায়ার সার্ভিস এন্ড সিভিল ডিফেন্স, এম্বুল্যান্স সার্ভিস
হাসপাতাল, ব্লাড ব্যাংক, ব্যাংক ও বীমা, ফার্মেসী (২৪ ঘন্টা খোলা), র‍্যাব ফোর্সেস, বিভিন্ন দেশের দূতাবাস সহ আরো অনেক গুরুত্ব পূর্ন সার্ভিসের যোগাযোগ নাম্বার।

আশা করি গুরুত্বপূর্ন এই অ্যাপটি আপনার কাজে লাগবে। অ্যাপটি কেমন লাগল রিভিউর মাধ্যমে জানাবেন প্লিজ। ধন্যবাদ

How to download Jesus Christ Sticker Pack for WhatsApp APK at

WASticker Apps- Jesus Christ Sticker pack for Whatsapp includes Holy Stickers of Jesus Christ, Infant Jesus and Our Virgin Mary.

This Christian sticker pack for whatsapp is free to use, it simply add stickers to whatsapp.

These jesus stickers are belongs to catholic religion.
These pack contains:

*Infant Jesus Stickers (Unni easo )
*Virgin Mary Stickers (Kanyaa mariyam)

Merry Christmas to all

How to install SMS2PH Free APK at

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SMS2PH is a free android application and our goal is to send a free text messages to your family and love ones in the Philippines without wasting your money. All you need is internet access to visit our website and send a message. If you’re in the Philippines and if you’re out of load, all you have to do is find any free wifi hot spots (if you have a mobile phones capable) and you’re good to go.

How to use SMS2PH application
1.Our application requires minimum of 2G internet connections.
2."One Way Messaging" it means that you can use our application by sending text messages but you can't receive.
3.Sending text message is easy, select "CREATE SMS" select the 4 digit prefix and enter the last 7 digit number.
example number: 09211234567 (Smart Network)
the prefix is "0921" and the last 7 digit is 1234567.
Write your message and press send. It will show you the confirmation if successfully sent. Your free text credits will be deducted (1) every successful transactions.
4.You will see the successful transactions in "OUTBOX", you may delete it any time you want.
5.You may use our built in "PHONEBOOK" to store your contacts. You can access your contacts easily and accurately. Deleting contacts in SMS2PH phonebook will not delete your phones contact lists.
6.New user will be given a free of 50 text messaging credits, please note that you cannot reset the default free text by reinstalling the application.
7.Every user is given a free of 5 text messaging credits everyday, to claim your reward you must open the application and follow the reward message on screen.
8.How to earn free text? ◦Earn by opening the "EARN CREDITS" button, select your favorite offers and earn.
◦Earn by watching video clips, you must select the "VIDEO CREDTIS" button.
◦Earn by installing partners apps. (This offer will be available on next or future release of this application)

9.If your free text is zero, it's impossible to send text. Earn by following the instructions above.
10.Please note that Threatening or Illegal SMS is a Crime and can be prosecuted in the court of law. This is to inform our users that their IPs are being monitored and all abusive, threatening and illegal messages will be reported to authority directly.

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How to download Amivox - older version APK at

Sign up and start calling any phone in the world, landline or mobile. First call is free. No credit card required for sign up.

Call receiver does NOT need to have Amivox or know about Amivox.

Fits well with your local Pay As You Go plan, when your required international calling.

Buy a local SIM and use with Amivox to cut roaming cost. Amivox can bridge all your calls to your local SIM (phone card).

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International text messages - Send low cost SMS messages around the world

If you like you can use your registered Amivox account as SIP account. SIP works from your Smartphones native mobile interface (internet calling) or you can download a specific app to use as your SIP client.

Amivox supports credit card payments, group accounts and corporates accounts. Group admin interface and many other features.

Rates - Best rates availalbe for a high voice quality

Shout - you can send your voice message as a micro-call to any mobile or landline in the world

Check out our webpage for more features.

If you have any question or comment please contact us.

How to install Mon forfait APK at

Mon forfait permet de rechercher et comparer les forfaits mobiles de tous les opérateurs Français (Free Mobile, Orange, SFR, Bouygues, SFR Red, Sosh, La poste Mobile, Basile, Coriolis, Budget telecom, B&You, Virgin Mobile, M6 Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Prixtel)

Vous recherchez par exemple un forfait mobile sans engagement avec au moins 3h d'appels, plus de 5Go de data, des SMS & MMS illimités, pour 15€/mois ou moins ?
Trouvez le en quelques clics grace à cette application.

Différents critères de recherche (prix, data, heures d'appels, engagement, messages, opérateurs, réseau d'antennes, etc) peuvent être utilisés afin de filtrer les forfaits qui ne correspondent pas à la recherche.

Les forfaits sont mis à jour quotidiennement

How to install Plumble - Mumble VOIP (Free) APK at

Experience Mumble servers on your Android device to the fullest with Plumble- Android's premier Mumble client. With voice activity and push-to-talk input, communicate with your friends on any Mumble 1.2+ server.

If you like the app, please purchase the donate version!

- UI optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop
- Voice activation (with customizable threshold) and push-to-talk
- Dual-pane channel and chat with gestures
- Tablet layout (optimized for both 7 and 10 inch tablets)
- Channel tree view
- Draggable overlay
- Auto-reconnect
- Bluetooth headset support
- Customizable theming
- Improved Jellybean notifications
- View rich text comments
- Local mute users
- Recording amplifier
- Certificate generation, import from desktop, and self-registration support
- Proximity sensor utilizing "Voice Call" mode
- Access tokens
- Push to talk 'hot corners' toggleable in settings
- Hardware push-to-talk key support
- Chat notifications
- Channel search
- Private messaging
- Text to Speech
- Server sharing
- Public server browsing (with auto-finder)
- Opus support for 1.2.4 servers
- Admin controls
- Image embedding

This app is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.
The source code can be found here:

How to install StarLine Messenger APK at

The application allows you to control car alarm system Starline with integrated GSM and also StarLine M20 and Starline M30.

* Supported only Russian language
* Password to enter the program
* Supports all major modes
* Supports control up to five devices


How to download Text to Email APK at

This is a Backup Tool for your Texts/Messages to convert them into Text/PDF/CSV and/or as email body for later usages.
Below is the glimpse of the main features:
a) Share the generated files using capable applications installed on your mobile phone such as email applications, google drive and many more app those supports files sharing/storing and PRINT all your TEXT whenever required.
b) Filter out the texts/messages those are of concern for you.
c) You can sort the texts/messages in chronological or reverse chronological order.
d) You can choose to include the phone numbers along with the contact name.
This application is really useful in case you need your SMS/TEXTs for legal proceedings or for some critical matters.
Few of the tool usage are as follows:
1) Export Texts/Messages as email body or put them in files e.g. CSV, Text of PDF file
2) Email generated content
3) Archive them for future needs
4) Upload to Google drive, Google keep.
For any query or help please send us an email at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you to resolve the query or issue as soon as we can.

How to download Web browser & Explorer APK at

Web browser-WebView is a lightweight mobile browser and web search which can give you faster browsing speed and secure surfing experience.
Web Browser, internet browser is a fast, secure, and smart Mobile Browser; It designe for both phone and tablet, brings you an amazing Premium web experience.

* what is a web browser!

A web browser is a software program that allows a user to locate, access, and display web pages. In common usage, a web browser is usually shortened to "browser." Browsers are used primarily for displaying and accessing websites on the Internet, as well as other content created using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML), etc.
Best Web Browser for android a Small, Privacy and Speed web browser.

* Key Features:
- Enjoying free browsing with public wifi.
- Fast Speed over 3G/4G network.
- Tabbed Internet Browsing.
- Navigate Faster with accelerated web page loading.
- Supports Flash Player.
- Fast Start Times.
- Super easy copy/paste.
- Homepage.
- Bookmark your favorite websites on your browser.
- Full-screen mode.
- Quick search: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckgo, and other default search engines.
- User Agent settings.
- Advanced Gesture feature.
- Sharing - Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and other social media channels.
- Advanced Settings.
- Quick access to Youtube and Facebook .
- Download Music, Mp3 ,Movie, Video and many more.
- Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine so file size is smaller.

How to download دليل جوال السعودي APK at

يرنامج دليل الهاتف وجوال السعودي:
برنامج يحتوي على ملايين الارقام لتساعدك على الحصول على ماتريد ,ويضاهي برنامج دليلي
تحتوي ارقام الهاتف الارضي وارقام الجوالات
مميزات التطبيق :
* البحث من خلال الاسم أو رقم الهاتف.
* إظهار اسم المتصل أثناء الاتصال او عند استقبال رسالة إذا كان الرقم مجهولاً
* إظهار جميع الأسماء المتعلقة بالرقم وترتيبها على حسب الأحدث
* سرعة في تنفيذ عملية البحث وإظهار النتائج
* حفظ ما تم البحث عنه في سجل بحث في حال الرغبة في العودة الى نتيجة ما
* امكانية مشاركة النتيجة مع اصدقائك

How to install دليل موبايل الامارات APK at

يرنامج دليل موبايل و الهاتف وجوال الاماراتي:
برنامج يحتوي على ملايين الارقام لتساعدك على الحصول على ماتريد
تحتوي ارقام الهاتف الارضي وارقام الجوالات
مميزات التطبيق :
* البحث من خلال الاسم أو رقم الهاتف.
* إظهار اسم المتصل أثناء الاتصال او عند استقبال رسالة إذا كان الرقم مجهولاً
* إظهار جميع الأسماء المتعلقة بالرقم وترتيبها على حسب الأحدث
* سرعة في تنفيذ عملية البحث وإظهار النتائج
* حفظ ما تم البحث عنه في سجل بحث في حال الرغبة في العودة الى نتيجة ما
* امكانية مشاركة النتيجة مع اصدقائك

How to download دليل جوال اليمني APK at

يرنامج دليل الهاتف وموبايل اليمني:
برنامج يحتوي على ملايين الارقام لتساعدك على الحصول على ماتريد
تحتوي ارقام الهاتف الارضي وارقام الموبايلات
مميزات التطبيق :
* البحث من خلال الاسم أو رقم الهاتف.
* إظهار اسم المتصل أثناء الاتصال او عند استقبال رسالة إذا كان الرقم مجهولاً
* إظهار جميع الأسماء المتعلقة بالرقم وترتيبها على حسب الأحدث
* سرعة في تنفيذ عملية البحث وإظهار النتائج
* حفظ ما تم البحث عنه في سجل بحث في حال الرغبة في العودة الى نتيجة ما
* امكانية مشاركة النتيجة مع اصدقائك

How to install دليل موبايل مصر APK at

رنامج دليل الهاتف وموبايل المصري:
برنامج يحتوي على ملايين الارقام لتساعدك على الحصول على ماتريد
تحتوي ارقام الهاتف الارضي وارقام الموبايلات
مميزات التطبيق :
* البحث من خلال الاسم أو رقم الهاتف.
* إظهار اسم المتصل أثناء الاتصال او عند استقبال رسالة إذا كان الرقم مجهولاً
* إظهار جميع الأسماء المتعلقة بالرقم وترتيبها على حسب الأحدث
* سرعة في تنفيذ عملية البحث وإظهار النتائج
* حفظ ما تم البحث عنه في سجل بحث في حال الرغبة في العودة الى نتيجة ما
* امكانية مشاركة النتيجة مع اصدقائك
*اضافة الاف الارقام يوميا

How to download Bahrain phone book APK at

Features include:
- Database for millions of numbers on the Bahrain
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily
- Quick Access View

How to install Kuwaiti phone book APK at

Features include:
- Database for millions of numbers in the Kuwait
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily
- Quick Access View

How to download Emirates Numbers Directory APK at

- Database for millions of numbers on the United Arab Emirates
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily
- Quick Access View

How to download Saudi Arabia phone book APK at

Features include:
- Database for millions of numbers on the Saudi Arabia
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily
- Quick Access View

How to install Egyptian Numbers Directory APK at

- Database for millions of numbers in the Egypt
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily

How to install Yemeni phone book APK at

Features include:
- Database for millions of numbers in the Yemen
- View unknown caller name and id
- Includes landlines and mobile numbers
- Search by both number and name
- Updated daily
- Quick Access View

How to download Airtel Balance Check Internet, Daily usage, SMS APK at

Airtel USSD Codes are a simple and Useful way to get important information including,

Mobile Daily Internet Use Balance
Mobile Number and Validity
Remaining Main Balance
Remaining 4G/3G/2G Data Balance
Local, STD & Roaming Call Minutes
Special Data Packs with Validity
Exclusive User Offers
Airtel USSD Codes

List of Latest 2018 Airtel Balance Check and VAS Service USSD Codes are :-

Value Added Services → *121*4#
Twitter Service → *515#
Stop any service → SMS STOP to 121
Special 5 Offers → *222#
Outstanding amount → SMS OT to 121
Missed Call Alert → *888#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance → *123*6#
Know Your own Airtel number → *282#
IMEI Number → *#06#
Hello Tunes Menu → *678#
GPRS (Activation/Deactivation) → *567#
Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ] → *325#
DND Activation/Deactivation & Mobile number portability → SMS PORT to 1909 (or) Call 1909
Customer Complaint Number → 198
Customer care number & Start to start any service → SMS START to 121 (or) Call 121
Current Plan and Tariff → *121#
Current bill plan → SMS BP to 121
Contests → 543217
Check Validity & Prepaid Balance → *123#
Check unbilled amount → SMS UNB to 121
Check Local SMS Balance → *123*2* (or) *555#
Check Last 5 Transactions → *121*7#
Check Airtel to Airtel Minutes Balance → *123*1#
Check Airtel 4G Balance → *121*8#
Check 3G Data Balance → *123# (or) *123*10# (or) SMS DATA USE to 121
Bill summary → SMS BILL to 121
Airtel Talktime Loan → *141*10# (or) Call 52141
Airtel Talk time Gifting Service → *141#
Airtel Live Services → *321#
Airtel 3G activation code → SMS 3G to 121